The ‘Right’ Age For A Woman To Embrace Motherhood Is When SHE Chooses To Do So!

Being a mom has nothing to do with a woman's age. Let women choose when they want to be moms instead of forcing it on them!

Being a mom has nothing to do with a woman’s age. Let women choose when they want to be moms instead of forcing it on them!

I believe, being a mother and bring a living being on earth is a blessing. This is the most wonderful phase that I believe God has given women. So, should it not be their own decision when they are ready for this phase in their lives?

Earlier, women were forced to live on timelines decided by society. Marry at 18, be a mother at 20 and all the others. But today, all these ideas are being smashed.

Today, women are more financially ambitious and career-oriented, they like to set their own timelines. One of the major changes happening in society these days is women are the ones deciding when and if they want to become mothers.

Let it be a woman’s choice!

Married for ten years, then choosing to have a baby is okay. Similarly, it is just as okay to be unmarried want to enjoy motherhood. At the same time, women choosing to have babies after a year of marriage is also okay. 

These days, everything is okay as this generation likes to live without the timelines set by the archaic society. Let women embrace every phase of their life when they want to and when they are ready to do so.

Choosing to be a mother at 20, 30 or 40 is completely the woman’s and her partner’s choice.

Recently, actor Dia Mirza announced her pregnancy after her wedding last year. Good wishes have been pouring for her since her announcement. However, like every coin has two sides, there are a number of people hating on her as well. But why do they care so much about her decision?

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What matters at the end of the day is to live happily while letting others live happily too! Accept people as they are, without forcing them to fit into society’s moulds.

Picture credits: Dia Mirza’s Instagram and Grinvalds for Getty Images on Canva Pro

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