Is Marriage A Sacred Bond That Only Holds Women In A Golden Cage?

Often married women are treated like birds in golden cages. They seemingly have it all - gold and money and love but not their freedom!

Often married women are treated like birds in golden cages. They seemingly have it all – gold and money and love but not their freedom!

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals and two families. However, for the women, it can be like being held in a golden cage, like domesticated birds are. They are fed, loved and taken care of and often even taken out but only while they’re caged.

If they try to leave their cage and fly, all our love for them vanishes. But don’t they have right to that freedom? They are born with wings to be able to fly not to be caged!

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They are loved but with certain conditions

It is the same with many women. Once they’re married, they’re welcomed and even loved by their in-laws. They are even gifted several items including gold and other precious things as newly-married women in their in-laws’ house. But all of this is under the condition that they sacrifice their freedom.

They are now expected to live according to the conditions set by their in-laws and husbands. Now, they have to sacrifice their dreams, their freedom, their sleep and even forget their parents. Once they raise their voices against any of this, all the love vanishes.

One of my friends received a lot of gold in her marriage since it was a tradition to give the girl gold. In fact, even her in-laws gifted her a lot of gold when they ‘received’ her. All the gold, soon, was kept in a locker along with my friend’s dreams.

Why must we cage a woman?

She was supposed to live according to her in-laws’ conditions, sleep according to their times, and even eat according to their time. In fact, she wasn’t even allowed to leave the house after a particular time, even if her husband was accompanying her.

If she did get the permission to go, she was supposed to cook dinner for the in-laws and only then were the husband and wife allowed to leave the house. And if refused any of this, the abusive words began!

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Why cage a woman? She is married, not bought to be caged! A woman is born with invisible wings, let her fly and achieve her dreams!

Picture credits: Still from Hindi TV series Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai

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