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Don’t Ask Me My Identity

Posted: November 9, 2020

“Throughout the journey of my life, new identities I gather. So, Don’t ask me my identity” – a piece of poetry about the different roles women play.

I am born as a daughter,

Innocent, beautiful and full of grace

Whom the entire family lovingly embrace.

I am dressed in pink and given dolls to play.

With my tiny feet, I run around the house spreading joy.

As I grow up, my father gives my hand to a man.

With a heavy heart and eyes full of tears

I leave my loving home which is full of love and care.

To bid this home a good bye, I am bound

And I take only with me the sweet memories of childhood.

Thus starts the new journey of my life by becoming someone’s wife.

I take care of the entire family

And by working hard day and night, I gladly take up all the responsibilities.

I break my lavish dream world with my own hands

And I indulge in household chores to support my man.

Then I am blessed with a child.

The journey of a mother begins which is full of bitter delight.

I sacrifice my night sleep

And feed the child whenever she weeps.

I look after her day and night

Nurturing and teaching her to make her future bright.

I am a daughter, wife and mother.

Throughout the journey of my life, new identities I gather.

So, Don’t ask me my identity.

Picture credit: Camila Cordiero ,Jude Beck & JW on Unsplash

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