My Girl!

Society's rules and expectations wound on patriarchal notions makes every moment a living hell for today's women. Breaking free is necessary!

Society’s rules and expectations wound on patriarchal notions makes every moment a living hell for today’s women. Breaking free is the gateway to chase dreams and aspirations! 

“My Girl! How will you survive alone in this world? It’s not a safe place.” My mother would often say. She would suggest me to get married at the right age.

She urges me to listen to her carefully,

Then she narrates all the incidents vividly.

How the girl from the neighbourhood was raped in the big city.

And how single girls are threatened regularly.

She tries to make me understand about this vicious world,

Hearing which fills me with despair and I become sad.

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The courage and self esteem which I had gathered since years

Vanish instantly under the pressure of my immense fear.

I then find myself in a dilemma,

Whether to listen to my experienced mother

Or to follow my heart without fear.

I don’t know the consequences of either

But have known by now about the plan of the patriarchal  society to encapture girls by instilling fear.

If she follows the less travelled path to fulfil her dreams ,

Then she will have to face the society’s brutal screams.

And if she travels along the most frequently travelled path of marriage,

Then that will lead to her dream’s miscarriage.

This society offers security to girls at the cost of their dreams and ambitions

And her pain and screams of failing herself remains unheard to the nation.

I just hope for a time to come,

When girls will be free from this patriarchal hell and to all these society’s rules and expectations, they won’t give a damn.

Image courtesy – Daniel Hering on Unsplash

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