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Ja Simran Ja, Find Your Life In A Society Which Has Already Messed Up Your Future!

How dare women dream of being happy? Especially Indian women? Make sure they are kept at a loss at every point in life!

How dare women dream of being happy? Especially Indian women? Make sure they are kept at a loss at every point in life!

What is a good way to make sure women settle for misogynistic men who hardly respect women in general, continue to stick to them even if its only because of disillusionment regarding love or exhaustion from failed relationships/dating culture?

Shame them into ‘innocent girls’

Make sure you slut shame them if they are dating during school time.

Women are not supposed to develop any kind of awareness regarding sexuality so early. Early understanding of sexual and emotional needs would mean consciousness. When a woman is informed like that and knows what she wants, she is dangerous since no woman completely aware of her chains would hesitate to lose them.

Virgin or whore?

Once they are in college, make sure you glorify the ‘one man woman’ concept.

If she is trying to speed date, experiment with her personal choices, getting to know herself and her partners better, poke your nose in her life and dictate her decisions. Reduce her self esteem by calling her “insatiable” or “insensitive” when she thinks of leaving a man ever.

When she rejects one, don’t forget to bug her for a reason. One needs no reason to NOT love someone but let’s not tell her that. Violate her, make her reputation and dignity fragile but sacrosanct, tell her she is a walking, talking provocation for being herself.

Relationships are made in patriarchal hell

Once she is a graduate or a working woman, time to pressurise her for marriage. Or make her feel like twenties are the only age when you can date, as if the world ends once you are thirty.

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For her, the cost of choosing a partner after careful introspection, speculation and enough number of dates will be kept high.

This way, she can easily assume “maybe this is how men are in general” instead of “maybe equal relationships are rare but worth the wait” when she gets beaten by an asshole of a partner or forced into sex or harassed in other ways. Having thousands of examples around her of patriarchal but “resilient” relationships might be a bonus.

The ‘good’ wife and mother

Once she is married, use the limitations of reproductive age to pressurise her into raising the stakes of the marriage. The only thing worse for her than having to bear the brunt of a divorce is having a child bear the brunt of it too.

Men don’t ever have to hurry into marriages thinking “time to have children is running out and I would really want to be a father”. Women must think it as motherhood is the only thing which defines her species.

How dare she think of being happy?

Now she is financially stable to be a single parent and happily divorced. But she is 50 years old. Let’s make her feel that old women dating young men is ridiculous and aging women have no right to sexuality.

Scheme ready. Go Simran go, find love in this world which has socially manipulated your future already.

Image source: a still from the film DDLJ

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