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ja Simran ja
Ja Simran Ja, Find Your Life In A Society Which Has Already Messed Up Your Future!

How dare women dream of being happy? Especially Indian women? Make sure they are kept at a loss at every point in life!

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Coming Back To Life: I Am On The Road To Recovery From Depression

I was depressed for 7 years before I started medications and therapy. The difference has been stark, an experience of coming back to life.

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dating someone with mental illness
Because Loving Someone With Mental Illness Can Be Exhilarating And Traumatic In Turns…

Isn't love supposed to make us be our better selves? But what if reality is incompatible with human life and depression is an honest response to it?

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caste Indian matchmaking
How Arranged Marriages Have Kept The Caste System Alive Can Be Seen In Indian Matchmaking

How has traditional Indian matchmaking and the arranged marriage connived to keep the idea of caste well and flourishing?

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understanding feminism through books
How To Understand Feminism Better Through Books – Check It Out!

Understanding feminism through books is one of the most enlightening of experiences. If you like to read, do check these out.

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bride and prejudice
Bride And Prejudice, And The Screwed-Up Beast Of Marriage In India

There seems to be a certain fatalism to the practices of marriage in India, that drag you down no matter how hard one tries to be an individual.

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Sophie's lack of choice
Sophie’s Lack Of Choice [#ShortStory]

Few years later on the day I was turning thirty, my mother-in law who was more mother to me than my own, asked me when I would be throwing away my set of birth control pills.

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women's sexual desires
The Great Indian Horny Female In A Country That Can See Her Either As A Person Or As A Pussy!

A country of men that has no concept of a woman's consent is still far from recognizing that women's sexual desires are just as valid as theirs.

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