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A Haryana Man Locked His Wife In The Toilet For Over A Year-Seriously?

Posted: October 29, 2020

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The recent headline about a man locking up his wife in a bathroom is shocking evidence of the existing deep-rooted patriarchy. How behind are we in the race to equality?

How far are we from the ideal of gender equality?

This news shocked everyone. Today again, there was one more news item, which showed how women are taken for granted and don’t get the respect at least of being a human. How ridiculous a person can be is depicted by this news.

An incident like Hathras rape case depicts how victims and their families are treated and clearly shows that we are far way from accepting the fact that women are also a human beings – they are supposed to be loved and respected. This has been observed since our ancient times.

Why has sexism sustained through eras?

The time of Sitaji and Draupadi, both have set an example for future generations to respect women. After various sacrifices, love and respect is not guaranteed- Sitaji has almost spent her life in jungle with her sons. After doing so many sacrifices, she was doubted by her husband and at last she was left with no option but to leave the place permanently and go with her mother.

From that time, it has been accepted that the place called earth is not safe for women. In this recent news where the husband locked his wife in toilet-who gave him the right to do same? Did he become the owner of his wife after getting married? And after getting caught he claims that mental condition of his wife is not well!

How can someone think this way? How have you had three children despite of knowing that the women with whom you are planning your future with is mentally unwell? At least try to have some humanity.

The need for change is more urgent than we can fathom

For how long a woman is supposed to be treated like a thing- keep it when you like or else throw it. If she is not behaving the way you want her to behave, threaten her or rape her. Women are men’s property and after marriage, you have society’s approval- she isn’t allowed to speak up against you or refuse anything.

It’s time for us to raise our voices, unite and try to change the laws that are so cruel to women. These are the times when women are educated and trying to prove themselves in this man’s world. If we are not going to try to change the laws, then time will fly and nothing will change.

Picture credit- Priscilla on Pixabay

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