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When You’re Married, You’re Expected To Love Your Partner, But Your Happiness Rarely Matters!

Posted: July 9, 2020

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In the Indian society, marriage and love go hand in hand. If you’re married to someone, you have no choice but to love the person. But will you be happy?

Love is the name of the pure bond where you do things without expecting anything in return. It is the purest feeling anyone can experience in the world. This can be seen even in our mythological stories, especially those of Krishna and Radha. Krishna did everything he could to make sure Radha was happy without expecting anything in return. Though he knew their relationship might be labelled things by the society, he also knew their feelings were pure.

I think this is what love is – doing something unconditionally for someone. Even though Krishna married Rukmani, we all still say Krishna and Radha. We all pray that the beautiful bond between two people that doesn’t have a name be like Krishna and Radha’s. The two names can rarely be taken individually. They are always taken together.

Love and marriage are two different things

Some times, relationships are so pure they require no name tag to define them. However, people still cannot accept that a friendship between two genders can exist. Such people do pray to the bond of Radha and Krishan but they rarely allow the next generation to follow the same tradition if they want to.

Love and marriage are two very different things. In our society, it’s not always possible to be married to the person you love and spend the rest of you lives together, happily. At the same time, you might not be in love with the person you are married to but get used to living with them over time. To be used to a person around you and to love them and be happy with them are two different things.

But habit and love cannot be on the same page. Habits may change after a while and you may resist wanting to be with them. By this time, it would be too late and it may be too late to go back in your life.

But what about happiness?

At the same time, if you’re in love with someone, time flows by fast and that person becomes as important as water to you. Since you cannot live without water, living without that person will be a difficult task. Like the love of a parent and their child and between two siblings, even this love is important and cannot be broken off so easily. I believe, it is difficult to break bonds based on pure love.

In the Indian society, marriage and love go hand in hand. If you’re married to someone, you have no choice but to love the person. Even if you’re married under societal and familial pressure, you’re expected to love the person, despite love not really being there. People often do everything they can to keep such a relationship alive and make it last forever, only for the sake of the name tag of being married.

But what about happiness?

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Kalank

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