Dil Bechara Will Leave You With Teary Eyed Catharsis At Sushant Singh Rajput’s Lovely Performance!

‘Dil Bechara,’ the remake of 'The Fault In Our Stars,' is a roller coaster ride of overwhelming emotions made better by Sushant Singh Rajput's presence!

‘Dil Bechara,’ the remake of ‘The Fault In Our Stars,’ is a roller coaster ride of overwhelming emotions made better by Sushant Singh Rajput’s presence!

I once read a poem called ‘Death Be Not Proud’ by John Donne. The poem talks about how death should not be proud because it is not an end. It says that death is nothing to be scared of. And that is exactly what ‘Dil Bechara’ made me feel.

The moment I started watching Dil Bechara and saw Sushant Singh Rajput on my screen I realised, Dil Bechara was a feeling. It made me smile to see Sushant Singh Rajput smiling, dancing and goofing around! And it brought tears to my eyes when I realised i won’t be able to see his magical spirit on the screen again. It made me long for the loved ones I’ve lost. 

The story of Dil Bechara

Directed by Mukesh Chabbra, Dil Bechara is based on The Fault In Our Stars (TFIOS) and revolves around the lives of Kizzie Basu and Immanuel Rajkumar Junior aka Manny.

Sanjana Sanghi plays the role of Kizzie an introverted college girl, while Sushant Singh Rajput is Manny – a young boy who is full of life and hope who loves living life to its fullest! The only common thread they share is that they are both terminally ill and battling cancer.

Together they give each other the strength to fight the disease and bring hope in the other’s life! They help each other see the ray of hope in the inevitable darkness their diseases have brought to them.

Why Dil Bechara is not just a movie

Despite it being her first film, Sanjana Sanghi has done an amazing job as Kizzie. Swastika Mukherjee and Shaswat Chatterjee as her parents too are great at what they do. Sahil Vaid makes the most of his limited role as Manny’s best friend. A R Rahman’s music in the background is subtle but weaves a very surreal impact deep on our souls.

Every second of the movie, I just could not shake the fact that Sushant Singh Rajput is no more among us. Every time I saw him, happy, lively and full of hope on the screen I was struck by the though that he died of suicide. And that made watching Dil Bechara like any other movie, almost impossible. 

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For me, Dil Bechara is even more special because I have lost quite a few people in my life who I thought would be with me forever. And I understand that death is something that cannot be prevented. 

What Dil Bechara meant to me

In the movie, Kizzie is looking for closure on a song ‘Main Tumhara’ by Abhimanyu Veer. She wants to know everything that led him to write the song. So for that, she and Manny embark on a journey to find Abhimanyu Veer, played by Saif Ali Khan, in Paris. That is an arrogant singer still made sense to me. 

‘Jab koi mar jata hai to uske sath jine ki umeed bhi mar mar jati hai’ (After someone dies, all your hopes of living with them also die) 

I have been like Abhimanyu for some time in my life. Being happy just for the sake of it, losing all hope to live since you’ve lost everyone you loved, and basically living an incomplete life. 

Like him, for a long time, after losing the people I loved, I would wonder, ‘why me?’ I’d move away from getting attached to people because I’d think either they or I will die. And that all the feelings I’ve invested will also die. 

So, for me, Dil Bechara was a reflection of that part of my life. For a long time, I was grieving for love, attachments and the pain of losing people I loved.

Sushant ruled the screen with his presence

In the second half of Dil Bechara, Manny tells Kizzie “Can we pretend, I am not dying?” This took me back to the day when we first heard that Sushant Singh Rajput died of suicide.

My first reaction to the news was that this can’t be true! And for a long time amidst all the media chaos, celebrity debate, the fan inside me thought that can we just pretend that he is not dead? Dil Bechara brings out that emotion. 

Dil Bechara also has a scene where Manny attends his own funeral. For that he asks both JP and Kizzie to deliver the eulogies they prepared in front of him. That scene is hard because as far as we know Sushant died due to depression.

As a person who diagnosed with clinical depression, let me tell you that it doesn’t happen in a day or a month. It is a build up of several years. Suicide is not a one-day decision, it has years of depression and anxiety behind it. So just keeping that in mind and seeing Sushant as Manny attend his funeral because he wanted to see it, makes you weep.   

Dil Bechara ends with a ‘film’ Manny, JP and Kizzie were shooting. The Montage of Manny being his full of life self has ‘Mai Tumahara’ in the background. This scene blurs the line between real and reel. 

Dil Bechara is tough but worth the watch

It’s hard to not tear up while watching Dil Bechara. But the movie somehow puts a closure to the inevitable concept of death. It gives you the idea that yes people die, and it’s sad and it’s okay to mourn but you cannot lose hope in the beauty of life. I think that’s what Manny comes out as, for Sushant’s fans out there. 

It took me a day to convince myself to watch Dil Bechara because I have seen and read The Fault In Our Stars. The book has had an impact on my personal life.

Secondly because of Sushant Singh Rajput and his death. It took me a day to write about the movie. My hand still trembles and I have tears on the corners of my eye while writing this but there is also a sense of warmth. Something that Manny and Kizzie gave me to cherish. 

The line ‘Janam kab lena hai, aur marna kab hai hum decide nahi kar sakte par kaise jeena hai vo hum decide kar sakte hai’ resonates with me. And though Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer with us, with Dil Bechara, he will stay in our memories forever. 

Seri? Seri!

Picture credits: Still from the movie Dil Bechara

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