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Will You Pay Your Domestic Help The Full Salary For These Months Of Lockdown?

Have you thought about your house helps? How many of you will be paying their full salary in spite of them not coming in this lockdown?

Have you thought about your house helps? How many of you will be paying their full salary in spite of them not coming in this lockdown?

With the increasing number of cases each day, the fear and tension has been on a high. With everyone being locked down in their respective houses, there have been salary cuts and people are becoming clueless regarding the things at the work front.

Initially, during the first stage of lockdown, everyone wanted to be safe and even promised their helps that there will be no salary cuts. But, with its extension, people are becoming more worried regarding the payments. With the fall in the economy, pay cuts is a bitter reality.

Our domestic helpers work meticulously, leaving their family, their children back at home, just to help us, make our meals, take care of our kids, washing our utensils, wiping the floors; and their work is endless. Whenever they turn up late, we keep calling them. We don’t even try to listen to their urgency, what we want is ‘them’.

Sadly, with this unprecedented scenario that has crept in out of nowhere, millions of domestic workers are facing uncertainty. Most of them have no backup funds for their basic livelihood, forget about medical emergencies.

Even after the lockdown began, many domestic workers wanted to come for work in order to fill their kid’s bellies. But, with the virus spreading everywhere, they were asked not to come for work.

This lockdown, however, should not be a reason for not paying them.

Let’s not forget that they who helped us all day leaving behind their loved ones, need us now. Let’s try our best not to forget their efforts in making our lives easy, and setting us free to do what we loved to do. It’s time to do our part.

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Let’s show our respect by paying them their monthly wages, even if they can’t come.

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