New Year With A New Hope

Let there be freshness that should last entire life time. Let there be a new awakening. Let 2021 be a year of hope, aspiration, love and blessing.


Let there be freshness that should last entire life time. Let there be a new awakening. Let 2021 be a year of hope, aspiration, love and blessing.

Every new year comes with new hopes and aspirations. 2020 too came with new vibes. But, sadly, it soon became a year full of shock and surprise. It had planned new attire in store for all of us, the array of choices we would have never visualized in our lives.

Suddenly shaken by the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 became a kind of hurricane. The entire world was in lockdown, something that could never be dreamt of.

Coronavirus became the biggest story of the year or maybe a century or a lifetime. From school to work, from socializing to lifestyle, from life to death, this pandemic touched our whole life.

This year became a fighting arena, a rink for the ‘whole population’ vs the ‘virus’. So many of us lost their loved ones, many lives were put in menace. Covid-19 that emerged in Wuhan, China led the whole world in a milieu of sadness. This whole scenario impacted our health, our economy, our traditions and our psyches. This was a period of historic catastrophe.

In the middle of nowhere, we are still not losing hope. Positivity and optimism are becoming more strong in the forefront. We will lift these obstacles with confidence and collective effort that could only have come from being thrived through the many challenges being thrown upon us.

We all are eager to move past the struggles of 2020. Though, the lives lost will serve as permanent reminders of the tragedy of COVID-19. But from this obscurity, we have also been able to find some trust.

When we look back on this year, we will hope to keep trying harder and coming together in our vision to reduce the burden of this ecumenical problem. 2020 not only made us more prudent regarding our surroundings but also taught us to rethink our choices with more intelligence.

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Even mental health which was never given much recognition has been taken more seriously after the world dealt with anxiety and depression from the lockdown.

Every person of the world had their part of anxiety and problems to deal with in this year of amazement. The freedom and carefree attitude that we have been enjoying since our childhood suddenly took a turn of much understanding and care. Many people resorted to healthy and cautious lifestyles.

2021 has too much weight over it to perform brilliantly. There is already so much hope for 2021, so much pressure on a poor year. In reality, we will be turning the page of our lives from one day (Thursday) to another day (Friday). But the end of 2020 is somehow turning the sadness into happiness, hoping for all the problems to vanish with the closing year.

The word ‘positive’ seems the most dangerous word for 2020, hoping 2021 to be negative in a positive way.

What lessons have we learnt from 2020? Are we expecting a lot from 2021? Are we hoping for miracles to transform a whole year? This year has left us all with so many bizarre questions. But every lock has its key.

Finally, leaving behind this dreadful year of 2020, a year stacked with natural and man-made disasters, economic collapse and untimely deaths of hundreds of thousands.

We welcome 2021 with much hope and peace in our minds. Faith, indeed, is what we have. We saw humanity blooming in the light of the epidemic. The light that can be brighter and clearer in the coming year. This year will be filled with new opportunities and new challenges.

We are also girded with more knowledge and understanding. We need to live this year with kindness and the power of healing. Let there be freshness that should last entire life time. Let there be a new awakening. Let 2021 be a year of hope, aspiration, love and blessing.

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