The Heartening Mutation That Maintains The Balance Of Life

Girls and boys- both have their own roles to play, still, one is considered superior to the other! Why?

Beyond darkness lies the startling epoch that glitters within the eyes. Beyond darkness is the era of gazing stars that light up the niche in everyone’s life.

Such is a case when things flourish from a lesson learnt which helps us towards attaining our full potential.

When I was young, I grew up in the most learning environment where good and bad, egoism, the disparity between a boy and a girl and other such doltish issues were never ever considered pertinent. As I grew up and started to understand this hypocritical society, I came across many fake personalities. After reaching adulthood, I realised the harsh realities. Children are the most innocent beings. Still, we differentiate between them on the basis of their gender?

Girls and boys- both have their own roles to play, still, one is considered superior to the other! Why is it so troublesome for the general public to acknowledge that the ladies can have the same rights as men? Why does mannish gender consider feminine gender subordinate to them? What is that nature that characterizes or shifts a female’s personality from that of a male?

Gender discrimination: Still prevails and haunts.

Everything can be said and done but even a single positive step is vital.

Gender inequality has been a social issue for centuries. It is a known fact that discrimination starts from even before the girl child is born and sometimes is killed as a foetus, and if she manages to see the light of the day, she is killed as an infant. Patriarchial norms have marked women inferior to men. A girl child is considered a burden. It is hard to imagine that this state of affairs still rules the 21st century. From wrestling to business, the world has been revolutionised by exceptional women leaders in fields that were purely dominated by men. But, in spite of such progress, even today, the girl child is discriminated in most households. This discrimination continues in every aspect, be it education or health, the girl child is always treated unequally. Our society still hasn’t awakened to the importance of empowering women.

Isn’t it obnoxious to see such unpleasant state? Is it because who will sprout one’s hereditary offspring? Who will ensure our ancestors and be precursor and progenitor? Many parents acclaim that they are blessed to have a girl but when it comes to forerunner for their family, they need a boy! Why don’t they interrogate themselves that a girl can also run a family? Even she can be a sole breadwinner. Today, at every stage, at every level, at every factor, women have highlighted their spirit to show that they are no less than masculine gender. Hypothetically, ladies may have been given more opportunity yet they endure numerous hardships, cruel poise and unworthy treatment all around. Inside of the home, she is still not treated at standard with her male partner. Thus, not being objectified and attaining a reputable status among the family members as well as society.

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This reflective has always made me woe-begone. This whole perspective has changed me drastically. Thinking about this irrational society, I feel miserable. Though, I am one such daughter who has been lucky enough the entire life. My parents never made me perceive this stolid difference. And when I got married, I got the most prudent family. And God, being too gracious, blessed me with two most adorable angels- my pride- my daughters. Seeing the present state of society, I am trying not to leave any stone untouched in making my angels true exceptions.

Nevertheless, a girl can be a curse. She is always an asset to their parents before marriage and aid and treasure to her husband after marriage. The hand that rocks the cradle, the procreator, the mother of tomorrow, a woman shapes the destiny of civilisation. Such is the tragic irony of fate, that a beautiful creation such as a girl child is today one of the gravest concerns facing humanity.

We are still a long way from gender equality in India and in many places around the world, but things are changing and developing at a rapid pace. More and more people recognise that your gender does not determine your ability or right to participate and create. I am so proud to be a woman. I want other women to be able to feel that their gender is a source of pride and strength, rather than something that singles them out for abuse or discrimination.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and resources of a nation. This is our moral responsibility to help them be bloomed and fragmented in a sensible manner. The need of the hour is to make a change in the mindset of society and destroy the prejudices that damage the future of the girl child. What is required is a concerted effort to sensitise the society in eradicating this issue of gender inequality. It is high time that every child is treated equally and given every opportunity required to grow to his or her full potential. The choices one makes consciously and willingly, they all add up and we become the product of those choices.

The 21st century, they say it’s a period of improvement, a period of insurgency. Really? The primary question that inspires me to write this article is the very claim of a young lady as an individual. The very instant a child is conceived, he/she is enriched with human rights that can positively be characterized as their entitlement to control their life. However, there are societal norms that are tying upon a young girl. Is it not the inheritance of a young lady to live as unreservedly as a man does? Should equal rights be essential in our society? Is there something that the Indian ladies ought to please men? Why is it so troublesome for the general public to acknowledge that the ladies can have the same rights as men? Why do men consider ladies subordinate to them? What is that nature that characterizes or shifts a lady’s personality from that of a man? So many questions arise in my head and make me go weak at my knees. After seeing such inhumane acts still prevailing, my heart cries and pleads for a better future, a strong beginning.

It is such an unpleasant scenario to see a merciless plight in our society. While growing up, I have been observing gender discernment. In every other family, there is a difference shown among the grooming of boys and girls. I always used to think that why people create a gap between both the genders? My heart used to sink with a feeling of ignominy. Being blessed with two daughters, I have learned a lot from society’s thinking. I made my heart strong to stand firm with their upbringing and they should not know that this gruesome difference exists between genders.

Girls- be strong and fearless,
be bold and courageous.
We have the power of changing the world.
Spread your love and care,
but don’t forget why you are here.
We are the future, we are the present
we are the one who makes it all matter.
We are no less than anyone,
for shaping our destiny at our own bequeath.

Be that shining star, that sparkles throughout,
be the rising Sun that ignites all around.
Make a niche that nobody can break,
let’s fulfil our dreams that nobody can take.
Time has come to make a difference,
to leave the world with a sanguine face.
Let’s confront what society has for us,
but this time, be clear what we need.
Our dignity is what we desire,
all other phases shall outshine.
Be the sun that shines so bright,
be the power of divine light!

Image is a still from the movie Dangal


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