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Why Is It So Wrong If A Newly Married Woman Wishes NOT To Stay With Her In-Laws?

After marriage, due to the amount of pressure on them, women find it difficult to adjust. In such cases, is it too much to ask if they want to move out?

After marriage, due to the amount of pressure on them, women find it difficult to adjust. In such cases, is it too much to ask if they want to move out?

Marriage is a bond between two people. Two people truly in love with each other and will do anything for each other. However, when it comes to making sacrifices, it is always expected of the women.

Women start sacrificing from the first day of their marriage. The first and biggest sacrifice she makes is leaving her parents- people who gave her a life and are her life. Then the second sacrifice she makes is of leaving her home. The home where she was born and which has so many memories! At such times, it becomes difficult for her to simply move to the new house.

And the least she expects from her new family is that she be treated with respect and get love from them. However, for some reason, even today, the daughter-in-law still remains an outsider in her new family. She is still judged on everything she does, every single time.

She is expected to do a lot but get almost nothing for it

For example, she isn’t allowed to wake up a little late even on weekends, meanwhile, her husband will do whatever he wants to! But the daughter-in-law has to do everything in the house according to her in-laws’ instructions. Everything she does, her mother-in-law will have a comment ready to reprimand or taunt her.

Despite doing everything they want her to, she is still not considered their daughter. And yet, she is expected to consider her mother-in-law as her mother! The new family barely accepts the new daughter-in-law as she is. At the same time, they are more than happy to make changes to her in accordance to their own wishes.

In such an environment, adjustment becomes difficult for the woman. So if she wishes to live separately from her in-laws, is she wrong? Doesn’t she have the right to her own life? And is it not the husband’s responsibility to give his wife a happy and satisfied life?

If she can leave her house, her parents almost everything for him, can’t he at least try to keep their relationship alive? Is it too much to expect him to try his bit to keep his partner happy too?

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Sometimes due to the family issues, relationship between two people suffers a lot. Families need to understand and support their son to when he takes any decision, especially about his wife.

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