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What Should Have Been, But Wasn’t…And Is Now…

And now as we sit on this change, helplessly seeing lives go by,The other side of it could be a different world...

Time should have been of importance prime,

Time with family, time for ourselves,

But it wasn’t.

Gave it all up, we did. For all that money could buy.

Kindness, towards anyone and everyone, should have been our ultimate goal,

But it wasn’t.

We gave it up for religion, for power, and for all the differences we could possibly create.

Mother Earth should have been our foremost love,

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But it wasn’t.

We messed her up, for our greed, for our pleasure.

Care we didn’t for anything else, but us.

Then came along, a change.

A change which took lives, human lives, each passing day.

And that is the cost we pay.

To finally spend time, with those that matter the most.

To realize that if there is God, he resides in those life-saving hands,

Not behind religious edifices with doors closed,

Those which have brewed hatred, for centuries and more.

To finally give up, even if by force, the pollution, the killing.

The ships which created havoc on life under our waters.

The planes, the factories which have been suffocating all on Mother Earth, including us.

And now as we sit on this change, helplessly seeing lives go by,

The other side of it could be a different world…

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