Snuggle Up, Grab Your Popcorn And Binge On These 7 Shows With Your Kids This Winter!

With the holiday season setting in, what better than snuggling with your kiddos and watching some all time favourites? Here we have a list of 7 shows to binge on!

With the holiday season setting in, what better than snuggling with your kiddos and watching some all time favourites? Here we have a list of 7 shows to binge on!

Holidays are just round the corner! Yippee yippee yay yay!

For the parents with school going kids, it is time to forget the morning rush and have some well-deserved lazy days with them. With the cold just setting in, the best way to do that is snuggle together in front of the TV, grab a warm drink and watch what the kids want to.

And to make that task easier, here is some information I gathered on content that kids love to watch on all the platforms. This is mostly from parents and other kids, so you know it’s legit.
Now, turn TV time into family time this holiday season with these recommendations.

Woolly and Tig

Platform: Amazon Prime; Age: 2+

If you have a tiny tot at home, you might want to give Woolly and Tig a try. Three-year-old Tig and her toy spider Woolly try to make sense of the world around them by going through simple life experiences.
Kids love it, parents vouch for it. I mean, why wouldn’t they? It has sorting through feelings, identifying them and finding the right words for it through the gentle, sweet world of the three-year-old. This helps the little ones watching it come to terms with their own world.

Ask the Storybots

Platform: Netflix; Age: 3+

Premiering exclusively on Netflix, this series that started in 2016 seems to be a hot favourite for the third season in a row in 2019!

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Storybots are little creatures that live in the world beneath the screen. They have a way of answering the questions kids might have about the world around them and universe beyond it! Based on an award-winning education app, Storybots is aimed at pre-schoolers with its unique characters, adventures and catchy tunes.

But beware, if you are one of those curious moms like me, you will be hooked too!

The Deep

Platform: Netflix; Age: 7+

The Deep chronicles the adventures of a family of underwater explorers – the Nektons. And of course, they live on a submarine! It is available on Netflix and is a terrific show for the whole family.

The visuals are outstanding and the conversations effortlessly blend science with everyday banter that is rarely seen on screen. No matter how old your kids are, I am sure The Deep will keep you engaged this holiday.

Spy kids: Mission Critical

Platform: Netflix; Age: 7+

If you have watched the Spy Kids movie, you know about Juni and Carmen Cortez. The duo are teens at spy school and team up against an arch villain who wants to rule the world.

It is action packed and fast paced. There is a smattering of violence but nothing gory or despicable. Good teamwork and leadership are the clear undertones and make this show engaging in the preteen and teen categories.

Fukrey Boyzzz

Platform: Discovery kids; Age: 8+

Fukrey Boyzzz animation series is a spin-off of the hugely successful Bollywood movies of the same name. Targeted at the age group between eight and fourteen, it chronicles the escapades of three pranksters and a school bully.

Several kids do not miss a single episode. However, it is best co-viewed with adults as, we all know, what passes off as kids fare in Bollywood can be shocking.

Tin Tin

Platform: Amazon Prime; Age: 9+

Tin Tin is an all time favourite whether through books, movies or animation. With its simple 2D animation and understated settings, this series available on Amazon Prime is very old school – like comfort food.

Tin Tin, a 14-15yr old investigative reporter and his dog Snowy travel all over the world having grand adventures and solving mysteries. It has a distinct European flavour to it and is an easy watch for preteens, teens and adults alike.

Mr. Bean

Platform: Amazon Prime; Age: 10+

Mr. Bean needs no introduction. He is the ultimate British comic who has travelled with us for decades – through TV, movies and the latest avatar is as an animated version of himself.

When you want to wind down at the end of a day, what best way to do it than to watch comedy? That too in uniquely Mr. Bean style. Parents and children alike have embraced this animated version, but be warned that some adult-relationship oriented episodes do exist.

Nothing even remotely obscene though. So buckle down and binge on Bean this holiday.

That is a small selection to choose from. Then there are always interest based series available on YouTube. It just needs patient sifting through endless listings to find the one that works for you and your kids. But till then, go ahead, watch the series on this list, and binge on some popcorn and hot chocolate with your children!

Happy Holidaying!

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