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She Felt It Was Better To Be Distant Than To Hurt The One Person She Loved

Unbeknown to them both, a distance had began to creep in between them. Both of them felt powerless to bridge the gap. The petty fights of their childhood had not prepared them for this moment in their lives at all.

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Why Did Men Consider Her Game For Anything Just Because She Was Single?

She sat down heavily on a bench and held her head. So many raging voices, echoed within her as a deep sense of betrayal set in. All those words of admiration were for this? Was none of it real?

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Arriving Home

Behind her closed door, Sumana was disappointed. With her flowers. They had simply submitted their fragrance to his rank odour without so much as a quarrel.

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This Sankranti, Let’s Try To Reinterpret Festivals To Suit Our Times And Lives?

Aren't festivals now merely a stressful consumerist business? Maybe it is time we changed the way we celebrated festivals to suit our times more?

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43% MPs Have Serious Criminal Cases Against Them – Here Are 20 With Crimes Against Women

Rapes, and kidnapping, are two of the crimes against women some politicians have. Here is a list of legislators accused of crimes against women.

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Begin The Year With These 12 Positive Quotes For Women – Right For Any Tough Time!

Being a woman in this world is often a hard thing. For those difficult days, we bring you these 12 positive quotes for women - know that this too will pass!

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Snuggle Up, Grab Your Popcorn And Binge On These 7 Shows With Your Kids This Winter!

With the holiday season setting in, what better than snuggling with your kiddos and watching some all time favourites? Here we have a list of 7 shows to binge on!

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