5 Things Considered ‘Normal’ For Men To Do But Seen As ‘Absurd’ When Women Do Them

There might be many more such things, but here are 5 things that are termed normal when done by men but absurd when done by women. Add yours in comments.

There might be many more such things, but here are 5 things that are termed normal when done by men but absurd when done by women. Add yours in comments.

The fight against patriarchy, misogyny and chauvinism is not a new topic. The demand for freedom and equality is a long going process. Every day women are questioned and judged for their lifestyle and choices. But the irony here is that for the same lifestyle men are not even questioned even a little bit. Afterall ‘Ladka karein to sab sahi hai’!!

Today society is witnessing 4th wave of feminism. Yet even now men are paid more than women. Also they are not objectified as much as women. I mean it’s never been “Chulbul badnaam hua”, it always has been “Munni badnaam hui”. Why? Because it’s just easier to objectify women. It’s normal to objectify, judge, and question women. Apart from this, we are still considered the ‘weaker’ gender.

Still by any chance, if you think otherwise, then here are some pretty relevant, 5 everyday examples of things that are considered completely ‘normal’ when men do them, but become ‘absurd’ when women do them.

Short clothes

The debate around women wearing short clothes is going on for a very long time. But you know what, no one has ever questioned a man if he just wears his vest with a lungi, boxer, shorts and moves out.

There have been instances where women have been asked to cover their legs just because they were wearing shorts. Sadly men don’t have to go through anything as such. They roam around freely in their shorts or trunks and are never called ‘Slutty, provocative or unsanskari’.

It’s high time that we understand the basic fact that the length of our clothes doesn’t define how good or bad our character is.

The same kind of mentality goes with ignorance towards innerwear and lingerie. I mean no one switches channels when you see Ranveer Singh or Salman Khan flexing their bare bodies in ads for vests and briefs. On the contrary when we see women in lingerie ads we often tend to change the channel. Why? Because it’s okay in our society for men to flaunt their bare bodies, but ‘not comfortable’ for our society when women do the same.

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Smoking or Drinking

According to Indian Laws, the legal age to smoke cigarettes in our country is 18 and for alcohol, it ranges from 21 to 25 depending on the state you live in. However, from the health perspective smoking or drinking is not good for anyone.

We all have seen men lighting up cigarettes in public without being scanned by the judge-y eyes of society, but women who either smoke or drink publicly are often termed as ‘Slutty, easy-going, characterless and even cheap’. Apart from that, a man consuming cigarettes or alcohol is considered ‘cool’ and at times, men who don’t indulge in smoking or drinking are even considered immature and unmanly!

Having many opposite gender friends

Well, we have seen how a man hanging out with a bunch of girls is termed as macho and stud. On the contrary, a girl hanging out with many guys is termed as Slut and is even considered ‘bad company’ for the ‘good’ girls.

Sexual desires

From reality to films women sexual desires are often kept hush-hush. The biggest example of this can be movies like Mastizade, Grand Masti etc. in which sexual desires of men were shown, were released easily on the mainstream cinema platforms. On the other hand movies like Lipstick Under My Burkha, a movie talking about women’s sexual desires had to go through a lot of struggle just to get a release date, with the excuse that it was ‘too lady oriented’! We often see that men go around talking about sex and what they like or dislike in bed. But if a woman does it, her character is open to being judged, now if this is not strange then what is?

Marriage and Kids

Although marriage and having kids is a topic in which both men and women go through the judgemental eyes of society, it is still OK for a guy to say that he is not ready for marriage or kids. But as soon as a woman says the same thing, she is seen as having some ‘defect’.

So these 5 points rightfully show gender inequality in our country. Apart from these points, many other things are treated as completely normal when men do it but absurd when women do them. Let us know your picks in the comment section.

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