3 Things That Emotionally Intelligent People Need To Be Wary Of!

Sensitivity, empathy and care might be the strengths of those with high emotional intelligence people, but they have their own set of problems.

Sensitivity, empathy and care might be the strengths of those with high emotional intelligence people, but they have their own set of problems.

These days, there has been a lot of talk about the concept Emotional Intelligence. People with a higher Emotional Intelligence (EI) are not only considered excellent partners, but recruiters also look for them while hiring.

Emotional Intelligence is considered the foundation of all critical skills. Further, organisations have started looking at Emotional Intelligence as a factor while hiring people and for promotions.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

  • Emotional Intelligence is a distinguishing factor that draws or repels others from us.
  • It is what enables us to work in coordination with others during a disputed situation.
  • Emotional Intelligence lets us win people’s hearts or some times, even arguments.
  • It is the set of abilities that help us respond to the world around us appropriately.

We have often seen emotionally intelligent people, and we appreciate them for being good listeners while also being caring and considerate.

They are masters of emotion management, excellent at decision making, strong while still being willing to introspect. But most importantly, they possess the ability to judge the emotional needs of others and of the situation.

We like to be in their company and we also try to inculcate their qualities.

Emotionally intelligent people may have some exceptional qualities but they still are normal human beings who are not perfect. They possess a tender heart and are hurt at times, too.

Though they are capable of handling such pain and of pulling themselves out of traumatic situations while not dwelling on ruining the past, such people are made in the same way as others.

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There are several things they go through. Here are three things that people with high Emotional Intelligence suffer:

Avoiding talking to people about their mistakes

People with high Emotional Intelligence possess a good management of their emotions and they set boundaries for themselves and for others. They have a sense of not creating embarrassing situations that can cause discomfort to others whatever situation they are in.

In fact, they subtly try to cover up and push back all kind of prospective discomforting situations for others and handle things suitably. But the people who don’t have a higher emotional intelligence, often have no limits and fail to reciprocate in the same manner with them.

They tend to disrupt a high Emotional Intelligence person’s composure or comfort by acting publicly or freely because of their level of intelligence or no intelligence.

At times, people tend to be very brutal with the people with emotionally intelligent people. They are made to face open criticism for their mistakes. However, they believe in forgiving and not dwelling on others’ mistakes and they avoid mentioning and embarrassing others for these mistakes. This some times may cause issues for the emotionally intelligent person.

Being lonely

An emotionally intelligent person can judge the emotional needs of the people around them. But they feel lonely at times when they undergo an emotional turmoil and nobody around them has these ability to understand their silence.

Though they have the strength to manage the emotions appropriately, they too, are humans beings. They feel lonely in a crowd of people with a lower emotional intelligence.

Fewer people understand them

Though people with high Emotional Intelligence are nice people, they have their limits when it comes to mingling with people. They may find themselves aloof from social gatherings when they can’t mingle with people with a lower Emotional Intelligence.

They seek a similar wavelength while engaging with people. Some times, this becomes a problem while finding a partner. It may be because they value the emotional strengths and crave for a companion who has the same strengths to have a fulfilling life.

Thus dating and matrimonial alliances become difficult for people with high Emotional Intelligence.

As someone with a higher emotional intelligence have you experienced any of these? Has it impacted your life in a positive or a negative manner? Do share your experience with us!

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