Tips To Help Your Child Learn Easily

Education means that your child is able to learn and discover opportunities available to him and her. Here are some tips to help you enable learning for your child.

Parenting is not a job where you can quit whenever you want. Yes, it a process of learning and unlearning. It is a process where you learn through your mistakes and above all learn to be the best version of yourself because you have a little one watching you.

There are endless milestones our kids achieve and the journey is always beautiful. One of the most important milestones is of your child being able to read and write. The thrill and joy are inexplicable. Their first written words are equally important as their spoken words. However, lately, I have observed that some parents leave this responsibility to their child’s school.

Education is definitely the most important part of a child’s life. Education doesn’t mean that your child needs to get a hi-fi degree. Education instead means that your child is able to learn and discover opportunities available to him and her. The process of this journey begins at home. We take so much pride in telling people that our child imitates his/her Mumma or Daddy. Similarly, when it comes to learning things, our children imitate what they watch.

Through this article, I would like to cover some tips for parents that will help them overcome their child’s struggle of being able to read and write.

Keep the phone away

As difficult as it may sound in this gen-tech era where all of our work happens with a few clicks, it is very important to keep it away when with kids. Our kids love the games, the sounds and colours that come up on an iPad or a smartphone, the use of which needs to be restricted. We, after all, have read and heard about the ill effects of its use on our little one’s brains.


Stock up on baby stationery

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Who doesn’t like fancy stationery, well baby stationery is equally cute. Now all sorts of stationery is available with various types of grips that can help to hold a pencil or a crayon easily. Buy your kids some books and colours and let them scribble away.


Practice what you preach

As a parent, the most fun time you can have is to indulge in an activity along with your child. So bring out the papers, canvases and just scribble. The child will eventually learn and would not even feel the pressure of not being able to use a pencil or a crayon. You can draw anything. Do not restrict them to colouring within lines when they are still learning.


Let them make mistakes

Isn’t childhood about making mistakes?  Well ok, most of our life is about making mistakes and learning through them. Yes, it’s important to lay stress on neat work but don’t make it sound scary or tiresome for your kids. Make it sound fun.


Start with fun learning

Read out loud to your kids. Pick books with fewer words initially. Animate reading. Pick books where the child can touch and feel pictures, patterns, words. You can make some yourself by picking ideas from the internet. You can even take your kids to various events and workshops that happen for kids. This way they learn to socialize and pick up a habit too.


Make every day learning a habit

Just like your child goes to school and does something every day, similarly try and recap what has been done in school. Do it for 5 to 10 minutes but make sure you set a routine. This way the child doesn’t feel burdened when they have bigger things to do.


Do not compete with other children or parents!!

As humans, we are bound by the competitive spirit however we need to understand that each child is different. Every child needs his/her individual time and space to learn and grow. If your child doesn’t like something, look for other things they like, make learning fun for them.



Keep the communication with your child’s school open and two way. Ask for regular feedback from school and also check how you can help as a parent. If your child has trouble with learning, do not shy away from it, let the school know and decide how you all can work together as a team.

A few fun activities you can do with toddlers are listed below:

  • Sticking stickers on a paper, tearing newspapers, helping stick paper with some glue, sorting out pomp-pomps, sorting out grains, scribbling with crayons, using kid-friendly scissors for cutting, tracing on lines, joining the dots, activity books with pictures and directions etc.  You can even help create a DIY activity with your child if he/she is older. Kids love DIY boxes and you should try it.
  • To help your child inculcate reading habits, you can pick age-appropriate books and read out to them. Let them pick books too. Make your own stories. Draw imaginary things and make stories out of it too. You can animate and read. Some people make a small reading corner in their house. Help them join words and read by using phonics sounds. You can definitely put on some educational videos for them to learn and enjoy, YouTube isn’t only bad after all.

Hope these simple tips help you look at learning from a different perspective because its not just about reading or writing, it’s about understanding too.


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