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Sita Writes A Poem For Valentine’s Day…

Posted: February 12, 2019

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What if Sita described her own love story to us? Would it just be the story of her love for Ram, or would it surprise you? Would it be the story of everywoman

I was no ordinary woman, I was the gift of Mother Earth.

Slender me was strong enough to have the Shiv Dhanush for my toy

Yet coyly, I surrendered my whole being to Ram (who broke my toy)

I was adamant enough to give up those palatial pleasures and walk the harsh jungles with my husband

In those enchanted forests, I was callow enough to lust after a golden deer and make Ram go after it

And then naive enough to cross the Lakshman Rekha

I was devoted enough to Ram and did not succumb to Ravana’s wily charms or his nefarious threats

I was committed enough to our love, to go through the agni pariksha so that He could stand tall amongst those slighting voices.

I was stoic enough to be the first ever documented single mother when ‘Raj Dharma’ won over marital love

Also valiant enough to say ‘No More‘ and join my mother…so that the later generations could say that I too stood tall and silenced those carping voices

When it came to making love triumph and standing by the ‘call-of-duty‘, I chose ME!

Because it was my Dharma!

Because I loved myself too, completely and unapologetically!

Sita… don’t we all have a part of her, in our selves, generation after generation?

Some love stories are eternal!

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