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Of Friendship And A Broken Heart

A short story about friendship, love and broken hearts. Read on!

A short story about friendship, love and broken hearts. Read on!

This is a short story which has three characters. They are named as “She”, “He” and “BFF”. The lead characters are “She” and her “BFF” (best friend forever) . This story divulge the fact as to how friendship carries more depth than any other relationship. Other than ‘friendship’ nothing in this world can become your anchor. Trust is the foundation of this relationship and giving this to someone is like giving power to destroy oneself.

Oh you look like “MFEO couple..!!”

She asked her BFF timidly ” Now what is MFEO”?

BFF excitedly replied, “Darling it is made for each other“.

She smiled and started blushing. She felt on top of the world.

Sometime time back only she had confided in her BFF a secret which she had been keeping in her heart from last one year. She and her BFF were similar minded women and wished for each other’s happiness at any cost. When she revealed about her love for him, her BFF actually shouted out of joy because she knew she is one typical woman who is too timid to reveal such emotions to anyone. And if she has done that , it would surely mean that she is serious from the core of her heart. If she loves someone, she would do with her deepest emotion. BFF was happy as she could finally feel for someone and could make up her mind for marrying somebody finally.

One thing which was still a roadblock was that she had not opened up her emotions to him yet.

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She also loved her BFF so much that she, from the bottom of her heart, wanted her BFF also to settle down with her long time friend who was supposed to be a non- Hindu. She always knew that her BFF is going through a rough patch in her life because of the troubles the society makes for love relationship between people from two different religions. She knew that it would become even more difficult for her BFF to conquer her battle but all she could do was to stand strong with her and pray for her happiness. They both shared one of the most beautiful friendships anyone could guess.

It was a long weekend and the entire group decided to go for a small trip. Luckily, ‘He’ was also in the group and had agreed to be a part of the travel plan.

She was thrilled to have him on the trip. He was her good friend but he didn’t know that she loved him with all her heart. He always used to look forward to her company and this proximity led to a beautiful emotion which she could feel. She wasn’t sure if he too sailed in the same boat but could feel a lot of intimacy between them.

She and her BFF were a big support for each other and she wanted her BFF to guide her as to how to candidly put across her emotions to him.

It was an amazing trip and she carried beautiful memories but, somehow she wasn’t successful in speaking her heart out to him during that trip. But yes, she could notice a change and she noticed that he was lost somewhere on the return journey. He looked overwhelmed with emotions and she had never seen him like this before. Deep inside she was sure that he had felt something for her.

She remembered the beautiful memories with him, particularly the one when he had called her alone for tea in the lawn outside their hotel in the evening. Oh, how she was trembling! Her BFF encouraged her to go and have tea with him and on coaxing, her BFF agreed to accompany her for the tea. Such instances didn’t happen once but it happened repeatedly. She was happy as she felt that he too is developing similar feelings for her and it would not be difficult for her to share her emotions soon.

It was late night when they all reached home. She felt an urge to send him a text thanking him for the lovely trip they had. The moment she picked up her phone to type a text she saw his message.

He           – How are you?

She         – I am good. What about you?

He           – I am ok.

She         – Why just ok? I saw you were looking little confused today.

He           – Nope! I am ok. Why do you think I was confused?

She         – We have been friends since so long. I have never seen you like this. You were so quiet today.

He           – hmmm

She         – What hmmm. Am I right?

He           – What?

She         – You were not normal today. What happened?

He           – Don’t know.

She         – You can tell me. I hope you can share things with me.

He           – That’s why I messaged you even though it is late.

She         – That’s fine. Anytime. Now tell me.

He           – You are right. I was quiet. Don’t know why!

She         – You know why. But you are not courageous enough to tell that.

He           – heheheh…. You are right.

She         – What were you thinking in the bus?

He           – Can’t explain yaar.

She         – Come on. I won’t be putting words in your mouth. Tell me.

He           – It’s just that I didn’t feel the same before.

She         –   Keep going

He           – It’s a different kind of emotion that I have felt  since yesterday.

She suddenly remembered that he had called for tea yesterday and she loved his gesture.

She         – Wow!! What’s going on?

He           – Don’t know!

She         – Can I ask u something ?

He           – Sure

She         – Do you feel something for somebody?

He           – 🙂

She         – Come on. Tell me

He           – Ya!! may be!! I think so.

She wanted to have this mushy conversation all night. She was elated that he would be first to share what he had been feeling.

She         – Oh wow!!  So you are in love. Right ?

He           – I think so.

She         – Does she know about it ?

He           – I think so. We have been exchanging similar feelings with each other since long but yesterday different  day. I felt love for her and wanted to have her in my life as soon as possible.

Her heart started jumping hard as she was sure that their emotions were mutual. Its just that he had to name that person . She started thinking how would she react on seeing her name in his text in just some time. She was at the top of the world.

She         – Really? You never told me.

He           – I wasn’t sure but I am confident now that I love her.

This was a misty journey she had been through and things would be clearer now. His texts were sun rays clearing all the mist and bringing in more light to her beautiful love life.

She         – Wouldn’t you tell me her name?

He           – 🙂

She         – Come on. Don’t test my patience. Tell me please. (she wrote with trembling hands and bouncing heart).

He           – Ok she is 🙂

She         – Name it man!

He           – Your BFF (name)

This was the most disastrous message she could ever receive. She couldn’t believe her eyes that she was reading that. She could feel her dreams getting crushed by none other than the love of her life. She never knew something was going on between them. She immediately switched off her phone and pretended as if her phone battery died. She knew she would get many messages by morning and she would not be able to continue the conversation for long. She burst into tears and kept crying the whole night. It was a night mare and nobody in her family knew what she had been going through.

She remembered and questioned herself as to why did he call her to have tea with him. She got confused and wanted to break her head but then suddenly she realized that he might have called her because he knew that her BFF would surely accompany her. She realized that every time he used to call, her BFF used to be with her. Her eyes were swollen. She wanted to share this trauma with her BFF and she knew that her BFF would break after knowing all this.

The next day, she called her BFF. Her BFF understood that she was not sounding OK. She immediately came to her and could see her swollen red eyes. BFF was broken to see her friend in such a terrible state. BFF held her arm and took her to the wash room as BFF knew that she was not in a state where she could not divulge her pain without crying.

BFF insisted her to tell what went wrong . Her voice trembled and she hugged her BFF and cried loud. She told that he doesn’t love her at all. BFF somewhere knew that her tears were connected with him. She hugged her tightly and comforted her. She let her cry till the time she wanted to and after sometime, she asked how did she come to know that he doesn’t love her.

She told her that he loves somebody else. On BFF’s further inquiry she, with tears all over her face,  she replied that it was her BFF he had fallen in love with. She immediately bent down to wash her face.

She splashed her face for long time not just to clean her tears but also to punish herself for her foolishness. After she was through with splashing her face she looked up in the mirror and noticed that her BFF was looking at herself in the mirror with admiration. She  flashed a smile of victory and pride was written all over her face.

She was in immense pain on seeing her BFF in the mirror and could feel how small the pain of failure in love was in front of the broken trust.

The bruises would never fade away.

Image Source: Pexels

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