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3 Incidents Which Made Me Say “This Is Called Customer Service”

The author enumerates three incidents when the exemplary and out of the ordinary customer-service  touched her.

The author enumerates three incidents when the exemplary and out of the ordinary customer-service  touched her.

This piece is dedicated to those who are experts in designing soothing experiences for their customers and making it an everlasting remembrance for them.

I am fortunate that I could experience few such services (not that I never had bad experiences but I choose to remember the best ones) which makes me conclude that the ground rule for shining bright in the minds of the customers is nothing but “genuinely right intentions”. It’s not something to mug-up as a rule, but it’s an essential element of the culture that has to flow vertically, horizontally and diagonally in any organisation which dreams to excel in Customer Support.

Unfortunately,  though the organisations now-a-days do create a special cell for serving the customers (be it on phone or walk ins) but, they forget providing their executives not only a basic training but also developing a culture, developing foundation in an individual to think with that genuine and right intent.

Every time I face such annoying experiences for the most simple issues, I do remember the 3 heroes ( mentioned below) and feel how they ensured I remember them for life. Talking about these 3 trivial yet mind embossed experiences is an attempt to offer my gratitude and to tell that I still remember those champions who genuinely feel that making someone smile at a drop of a hat is the best service you can give to anyone irrespective of what profession you are in.

Location 1- Disneyland (LA) – After a full day tour in Disneyland, when we had an urge to have some snacks, we ordered some cheese sandwiches and iced tea from a self service restaurant. On having a sip, we realized that the iced tea was bland and there was no extra sugar on our tray to add. Little annoyed we immediately notified this at the counter to which the attendant genuinely apologized for not putting the honey cubes along with the iced tea. This could be a normal gesture for anyone. However, he took our tray, put some honey cubes with our glasses, put 2 more glasses of iced tea and few more honey cubes in the same tray and offered us with a smile. He apologized again for the inconvenience caused and then wished us a great meal with the complimentary iced tea to add to our pleasure.  His genuine attention, his panache and the minimum protocol were the 3 factors which sorted out the complaint in not more than 1 minute and that makes us still remember his good service

Location 2- Airport (Vegas) – Having enough time to board the flight to NY, we thought of munching on some sweets so we decided to take freshly baked blueberry muffin from one of the kiosk. We paid and started walking towards our gate when suddenly I felt that I should have taken a chocolate muffin. We went back, requested the shop attendant to replace the muffin. She happily agreed, packed a chocolate muffin and handed over to me, took blueberry muffin from my hand and courteously dropped that in the waste bin kept near her. That made me a little embarrassed and confused. While discussing the situation, my sister explained that the lady was simply complying with her responsibilities of having a happy customer and at the same time safety of other passengers. May be keeping back the sold eatable on the display was a violation of their guidelines. Her simplicity and her conscientious attitude really impressed me and I still remember her.

Location 3- (Barbeque Nation- New Delhi). We had organised a small celebration at BBQ-Nation on the occasion of my niece’s birthday. It is a tradition there that each table would get personal attention by the managers attending the customers. On seeing the birthday cake, my nephew who was just 4 year old innocently looked at the manager and said, “Where is my cake?” to which we all laughed and the manager smiled and went. Busy with the celebrations we unexpectedly noticed that the manager came and placed another small cake in front of my nephew. We could see the manager’s happiness to see the bright eyes of my nephew who was at the top of the world on having his OWN cake. We were overwhelmed with the sweet gesture of the manager. His hospitality and the intention to derive happiness through other’s happiness made him outstanding and we still remember him.

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I sometimes think that may be many companies flourish due to the blessings and best wishes these individuals garner from their customers by their sorted and genuine demeanor. What is your take?

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