A Gurugram Man Rapes His Three Year Old Daughter

Posted: December 1, 2018

In a recent happening, a Gurugram man raped his own three year old daughter. Humanity has indeed sunk to an all time low.

It was dark and there was pin drop silence outside. Cold breeze was spreading a chill so everyone was curled under the blankets in their home, and enjoying winter. But, inside that home, her long, loud and piercing cry was echoing in every room and breaking the silence. It seemed, not only she was crying but every wall, every stuff of that room including the photo of Shivaji which was hanging at a corner, were also crying, hurting, feeling ashamed for being there.

And now, she was lying on the bed in a pool of blood, still crying, and seeking for help but there was no one who could help her. There was only that monster who was pissed and who had quenched his lust. The screams had turned into sobbing but still in extreme pain, she was thinking, “Why Papa, why did you do this with me? How could you dare? I am your own daughter. I am only 3 years old. How could you even imagine let alone doing???”

The monster slept in the same room without any repentance, and the girl kept staring at him thinking “Who is he? My father or someone else.”

Dear readers, the story which all of you just read, truly happened on Wednesday night, in Gurugram where a man who is a driver by profession, raped his own 3 years old daughter. On Wednesday night, the man came home drunk, and after bickering with his wife, he started thrashing her. The wife left home with her 3 month old daughter. She didn’t take along her elder daughter, since she was sleeping in other room. Next day she came home in the morning to find her daughter lying on the bed in a  pool of blood with high fever. She rushed to a local hospital and learned that she had been raped. Later, the culprit was arrested and he confessed his crime.

Now the question arises that why these kinds of crimes are happening in our society? Who is responsible for this? What things make people do such heinous acts? How to stop it? Well, I am really aghast. My heart goes out to that girl. How would she have tolerated the pain throughout the night? How would she be feeling in that home? How will she come out of this trauma? How will she forget this physical abuse which was done by her own father? I can only pray for her rapid recovery. May God give her the strength to bear this tragedy.

Image Source: Pixabay

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