Posted: November 3, 2018

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Today I was watching some daily soaps on television. However, I couldn’t find anything engaging so I was only flipping channels.

Nevertheless, I noticed a very common thing in all daily soaps, that was the character of a SIL or a bhabhi. Therefore I couldn’t stop myself penning down on this topic.

In our Indian culture, a bhabhi is always considered to be just like another mother of all devers and nanads; she is expected as a person who would pour love, affection, and respect amongst all.

When she enters her new home she becomes a bahu, a wife and a bhabhi. Apparently it looks easy, however, it is not. Well, besides being a bahu and a wife, now she is a lovable bhabhi in her new family who is welcomed in order to get a good friend, a well-wisher and above all, a person who will look after and give all respect to their parents with all her heart and soul.

However, a question always keep hitting my mind that does the relationship “bhabhi” really exist in odd situations?” What I have seen is that this relationship is burdened underneath many relationships and expectations. It is a conditional relationship. If a bhabhi doesn’t have good relations with sisters-in-law parents or brother or she doesn’t fulfill other’s expectations, this relation loses its beauty, it doesn’t exist, so let it bloom selflessly, without expectations, even it will be a beautiful one like other relations.

As far as my relationship with my bhabhi is concerned, I always want to give her unconditional love. I love her only as my bhabhi whatever terms she has with my parents or with my brother. First of all, she is my bhabhi then she is a bahu of my parents or wife of my brother. The relationship that bond us and the one, I want to make meaningful, is that of a sister-in-law and sister-in-law. Neither do I want to be her sister nor want her to be my sister because already we have a beautiful relationship of being a SIL and SIL.

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Image Source – Still from the daily soap Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

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