I Might Not Be My Father’s Favourite, But I Still Love Him

The author writes about her love for her father who never openly expresses his love, but has always supported his daughters silently.

The author writes about her love for her father who never openly expresses his love, but has always supported his daughters silently.

I do not mean to write anything negative about my father. However, yes, I am not the angel of my father- neither was I earlier, nor am I now. Undoubtedly, the person whom he loves the most is my only brother. But, whatever he has done for me and my sisters proves that we are no less than his pariyan. It is he whom I love and respect the most.

Presently, he is a 73 year old man who is going through physical and mental health issues. Back then, he was a businessman. Since the beginning, he had lots of responsibilities over his shoulders, but he never backed out. I had never seen any person in my life who was laborious like him. He earned lots of money, but I never saw him spending a single penny on himself, let alone other stuff. I still remember, despite having fever, he used to open and close the shop on time, never took rest, never bought anything for himself, and he didn’t even see the doctor until it was severe. He saved money only for his children, he did all for our comfort, so that we could live a splendid life. Whenever we needed anything, he gave it to us at once.

27 years back, when I was 15 years old, people were not so open-minded. Well, neither was he, but he allowed us to do our work on our own, so that we could learn how to manage things. We were four sisters, but he never interfered when we chose our streams and  decided upon career options. That’s why all of us are highly qualified. He never restricted us on what we wanted to do. He used to give us money to go shopping alone, so that we could learn money management. We do not realize how we learned all those things without any effort.

Nevertheless, I won’t say that there was no gender discrimination in my family or being girls, we were raised without any restrictions. Yes, I faced gender discrimination as well as restrictions. Such as- we were not allowed to go to our friends’ home, wander here and there, and have male friends. But my brother too had the same restrictions, and so, he was the one man army who kept everybody in discipline.

I had seen that after a girl’s marriage, parents either interfere a lot in her family matters or consider them others’ liability but neither did my father neglect us nor interfered in our family matter. He only supported us, taught us to never give up and even taught us to manage through thick and thin. Even today, he is concerned about us, and wants our goodness, and nothing for himself.

Though he never expresses his love towards us, never says that we are his angles, but I do say one thing that he is my guardian angel.

Whatever sacrifices, he has done in his life God has rewarded him for them abundantly. God has blessed him with a caring son and a daughter-in-law who look after him, care for him and try to give him all the comforts.

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I would consider myself lucky, if I could do anything for him.


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