Private School Teacher

Posted: November 4, 2018

A poem that talks about the plight of private school teachers. They give in their best in molding the future generation. Yet, they get very less in return for their efforts.  

I’m a private school teacher, I can teach well

but the habitat I can afford is not to dwell

I’ve to perfect in every sense

but if dare to complain that would be a nonsense

I have to be not good but perfect

And in return nothing to expect

I don’t deserve the credits they take

Because all I do seems fake

I don’t own a building, I don’t possess that furniture

But what is the worth of all that without a teacher?

I give all that I possess

Still, in return deserve too less

When will this road of tussle have a bend?

When will this exploitation come to an end?

Will u ever realize all you have

is just because I’m not a naive

I pity myself for all I have

But it fills your coffers with all I have

Just think of my life just think of my dreams

just lend an ear to listen to my silent screams

I’m born to enlighten and to brighten

tomorrows of generations and to heighten

their aims to take them further

But do I deserve too less just because I’m a private school teacher?

Image Source – Still from the movie Swades

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