Posted: January 3, 2020

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The onset of winters

Reminds of the cozy bed of childhood

Nothing can render the warmth like that

It showered dreams sweet to behold

It gave shelter to the heart worn out

Sometimes elated at times dejected

Filled with all the hues

The slumber in its lap

Was the most melodious

The lyrics of sleep were mesmerising

That always seemed abiding

Never to let me feel alone

And it really did never

Let me feel alone

It was always there to hold me

To make a bold me

To let me grow but always there

To treat me like a child

That never wants to grow

When in the vicinity of my home sweet home of childhood

Where nothing seems to get too old

Where nothing seems to become obsolete

Where everything seems priceless

Where everything seems indispensable

Part of my youth

As much as it was of my childhood

How can one come with a proposition

Of handing it over to someone

Unfamiliar with perceptions of this heart

What all it holds

What all it showers

The reminiscences of the times gone

The days of childhood

More precious than any coffer

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