Free Your Soul? It Is Not So Easy As It Sounds!

The only way out was to muster the strength and push her way through the cobwebs of problems.

Sitting by the window she was brooding over the opportunities she had missed out. She had witnessed 32 springs, 32 winters and 32 summers but she was longing for all that she had been 32 springs back. She had received so many proposals, that too from highly successful guys.!

What made her miss out on all those opportunities? Was it her destiny to meet the worst or the repercussion of her neglecting the golden opportunities and letting the good guys go? Whatever it had been, she regretted it whenever she felt worn out after a long day’s tussle to meet her basic needs. She had never known that coming from a financially stable background didn’t assure financial security throughout life!

She had a long life in front of her and she couldn’t move on nor could she recede. The only way out was to muster the strength and push her way through the cobwebs of problems. She wiped the tears off her face and headed towards her lawyer’s office.

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What she sought at the moment was to get rid of the burden that weighed her down… the burden of being associated with the man who ruined her youthful years. She knew that she needed to procure a place in the abode of peace. She entreated her lawyer to shed that burden off her soul…to free her of that painful knot that had been the most pleasant for many but most painful for her.

She just waited till he got the papers ready brooding over what she wanted from her life. She came out of her thoughts when some papers were laid before her to be signed. With a jerk, she collected herself and without any second thought, she signed the papers to free her spirit and soul and walked out of the office as a prisoner released on parole.

She was ready to face the world! One more time!

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