This Children’s Day, 5 Moms Making Our Parenting Journeys So Much Easier!

These moms have created groups, products, and even businesses that make our parenting journeys a whole lot easier. Here's a big shoutout to them!

These moms have created groups, products, and even businesses that make our parenting journeys a whole lot easier. Here’s a big shoutout to them!

Children are the most innocent and beautiful souls in the world. In this generation where we have a trend of nuclear families, and are highly dependent on technology, parents are struggling to nurture their creativity.

In such a scenario, a few mothers are taking extra steps and creating new toys for children which are environment friendly as well as other avenues to make the journey easier.

Here are a few mothers I knew who are working towards helping our parenting journeys.

Adhunika Prakash, Founder of BSIM

Adhunika Prakash, an MBA graduate, started the BSIM group in order to support Indian mothers on their breast feeding journeys. This group has over 82000 members and group members help each other clear all their doubts regarding breastfeeding. It gave me confidence as well. Adhunika was selected as one among five global leaders in the Facebook Community Leadership program out of 6000 applicants.

In one of her interviews, she spoke of how the primary objective of the group is to help breast feeding parents to reach the breastfeeding goals that they have set for themselves. From helping parents who are trying to give their 650 grams NICU babies a fighting chance to survive, to supporting parents at the end of their breastfeeding journey, BSIM seeks to give parents the support and information needed to overcome any challenges they may face to meet their own breastfeeding goals. Thanks to Adhunika for helping our breast feeding journeys!

Amruta Ram from Mumma Diaries

Amruta Ram completed her degree in Marketing and Cosmetology. She then quit her high profile job at an MNC to follow her passion for early learning. She created a website Mumma Diaries  where she shares blogs on parenting and early learning.

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She also started a YouTube channel for early learning practical videos which she worked on with her son as well as a Facebook group for parents to help each other. Her website also has another category called Totlabs where we can get toys (designed by her) in an affordable price range. Amruta motivates and inspires her self as well as people around her.

Bayiravi Mani from Kolkol

Bayiravi was introduced to ergonomic baby-wearing when her son was just a few months old. She found that baby-wearing made her life after a child much easier. She continued travelling, dining out, meeting friends and even dancing at a wedding easily with baby-wearing. She wanted to spread more awareness about baby-wearing and created the brand Kolkol, which sells safe and ergonomic baby carriers in an affordable price range.

Priya Ravishankar from Cubsandcalves

Priya Ravishankar wanted something to nurture her kids’ creativity in a digital free environment and that’s how she learnt about ‘quiet books’. Quiet books are books made of felt or fabric. A quiet book enhances motor skills as well as keeps your child engaged with activities on each page. She created one and posted it online. It got a tremendous response and that motivated her to start her own venture, Cubs and Calves.

Priya Ravishankar came to know there are very few options in India for quiet books and she wanted to make them locally. She doesn’t just create a few pages, but understands the child’s interests and requirements as part of her work. Now she is selling these books on Amazon and globally as well. She also creates quiet books on festive themes which encourages children to learn more about our culture.

Tanushree Singh of Reading Raccoons

Tanushree Singh, the author of Keep Calm And Mommy On, is a lecturer in Psychology. Her love for reading led to creating the Reading Raccoons, a popular book group for children’s literature, which then also led to the creation of the Senior Reading Raccoons, a reading group for adults. She has written many articles on the parenting journey which are practical to apply. Her book Keep Calm And Mommy On will be handy for parents with teen kids.

I thank all these women from the bottom of my heart, for helping me in raising my child. I would love to know the people who are inspiring you in your parenting journey!


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