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For any girl, first inspiration comes from her family and especially the mother. It is true in my case as well

On International Women’s Day, I want to mention a few women who inspire me. For any girl, first inspiration comes from her family and especially the mother. It is true in my case as well. Though she and my whole family is uneducated, she trusted me and encouraged me to study since she strongly believed in the power of education. I was the second one who got a Bachelors degree among all my relatives and the first girl in the family to achieve this. After completing my B.Tech, everyone forced my mother to get my married. But she stood by me and encouraged me to be independent. She is and has  always been my strength.

Similarly, there are many women around us who work hard and inspires people like us. I am mentioning a few names here of women who have left a long lasting impact on my mind:


Arunima Sinha

Arunima was a National-level volleyball player. One day, she was pushed down from a moving train by some miscreants as she attempted to fight them. In this horrific accident, she lost her one leg. But, this could not deter her. A year later, she retrained as a mountaineer and become the first female amputee to scale the  Mount Everest.  You can read her story in ‘BORN AGAIN ON THE MOUNTAIN’. She proved to the world that with determination, we can achieve anything.

Sudha Murthy

I came to know about her first as an author, then as the Chairperson of Infosys. Her books are so simple and relatable. Her philanthropic work is really awe inspiring. She has her own identity. She always advises women to have confidence in themselves and to not waste time. She is such a simple woman and when I am feeling low, I always see her one of her interviews or read one of her books and it magically uplifts my mood.

Sheryl Sandberg

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Being a techie and someone who is fond of social networking sites, I read one day that Sheryl had become the first female Director among the Board of Directors at Facebook. From that time, I started following her on social media. I was totally impressed by her work in the field of women empowerment. She created Lean In and authored a book with the same name. It is such an inspiring read. After she lost her husband, how she achieved resilience is clearly mentioned in Option B.

Her speech at the University of California, Berkeley is very motivating and it explains how we can overcome grief or loss.


These were just a few names. There are many more women each day who inspire us in some way or the other. Woman power truly rules!


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