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Konmari Method – The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

If you also want a more organized and tidy life then Konmari method is all that you need. Read how the author explains this magical method.

If you also want a more organized and tidy life then Konmari method is all that you need. Read how the author explains this magical method.

After leaving my corporate career for child care, I am constantly looking for and applying all tidy and organizing methods. Then through one Facebook group, I came across the Konmari method.

Konmari is nothing but tidying up and organizing in a method. This method is introduced by Marie Kondo. She wrote three books, and I picked one among those – Life Changing magic of tidying up. In this book, she guides how to organised and now we will see those steps.


First and foremost one is de-cluttering your house. How to decide which one to declutter? If you haven’t used any item in the past 6 months (exception for seasonal items), you don’t need that. If it doesn’t spark joy in you anymore, you can purge.

Tidying by category

In general, we tidy our room. But she advised not to do like that, instead tidy by category. She also gives categories’ order.

Start tidying with the easiest category and its clothes. After that lounge-wear, socks, seasonal clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items and end with the hardest category to decide – sentimental items.

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Each item should have a designated place and after every use, it should be in that designated area only. She also advises on how to fold clothes, vertically and it can be placed in shoe boxes. She advises emptying your bag every day so that you won’t be shocked to know what all things are kept in the bag in the long run. You can take only what is required. There are so many groups that follow konmari method countrywide and you can find a required checklist in the konmari website, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

P.S: Organised home invites calmer mind. Happy organising

P. P. S: I should confess that konmari method may not fully apply for our Indian lifestyle. Marie Kondo herself always do trial and error. In the same way, we can find what suits our home after beginning.

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