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Fearless And Free I Will Now Survive…!

We will no longer let the 'handcuffs of rituals' and the 'ironclad chains of tradition' keep us imprisoned, says poet Sneha Sethi. We will be 'free and fearless'!

We will no longer let the ‘handcuffs of rituals’ and the ‘ironclad chains of tradition’ keep us imprisoned, says poet Sneha Sethi. We will be ‘free and fearless’!

These walls are so huge, voices echoing around
The streets are so narrow and crowded; losing the way, no way to be found
We have yet a far way to go, the journey mulled with thorns and pebbles
But there’s a fire,
igniting my grieving soul…
we have been sleeping under the sheet of terror,
helpless, lonely and mute with a quiver
crying silently into the night of despair.
living in shame of their doings, so unfair!
drinking the poison of their deeds
hiding in the shields of our silence, pompous with greed
we have been assaulted and exploited, is this what they need?
The feet are so blistered, hands trembling with trepidation
But the voice is still steady, showing the momentum of our liberation
Moving forward to fight our battle, the battle of freedom
no longer we want to be afraid, we now WANT to survive…we now want to live fearless
The handcuffs of rituals, the ironclad chains of tradition
are now finally rusting, breaking the jurisdiction
sacred tombs of justice have fallen,
once powerful niches, now useless and solemn.
we don’t need the support of others
no longer caring if we are alone, we shall speak up
instead of enduring we WILL now speak up
my voice shall be my power,
my courage the news of the hour
we now WANT to survive … we now will live fearless.
The path taken is suspicious and terrifying,
The darkness is so dense,
The incense of blood so intense
Tiny specks of light are foreseen
We shall gather these flecks and pieces
The illumination will return
And I shall be free, my radiant independence.
Our exalting emotions shall be the medicine
Our egos will heal, striving an end to this dictation
We are NOT a corpse, not a carcass for pleasure and gratification
Our heart still beats, full of optimism
And the soul still full of colors and anticipation
each tear down our cheeks, carries a message of the liberation.
Scattered, broken bits
Are all assembling again, slowly, slowly,..slowly
All those misfit lyrics, are now singing a song slowly slowly
The misty image in the mirror is clearing now
Those wet and gloomy eyes are now opening slowly slowly
The locks on our mouths and hearts are now unlocking slowly slowly
Slowly slowly I have now realized it is not my fault
Our wings will bear the jewels of reverence
The veil of shame will be sprinkled with colors of bliss
The partners promise and respect sealed with a kiss
The henna of our hands dipped in the warmth of the sun
The hand decorated with glitter not gun
Fearless and free I shall now flow
Fearless and free I shall now speak
Fearless and free I shall now live
Fearless and free I will now survive…

Image source: Pixabay

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