A Small Incident In Metro, Are We Losing Our Morals?

In this world of intellect have we begun to lose our morals? Look at how the author answers this question with an incident that happened with her in a metro.

In this world of intellect have we begun to lose our morals? Look at how the author answers this question with an incident that happened with her in a metro.

There are so many small incidences which take place daily. Some of these incidents make you wonder why? whom to blame? where are they heading to? what is it that people strive for morals or self-comfort?

With no intention to boast about myself, I am hereby sharing 2 similar situations but with different outcomes.

A few days back while getting into the metro, I had an eye on one empty seat. I was about to sit when I saw an old man with a huge bag wanting to sit. He shyly, smilingly resisted when I offered him that seat.

I insisted him to sit and then I was flooded with his blessings and best wishes for my life. Not only he said good for me, but he also praised my parents for inculcating right values. He was feeling indebted for such a trivial thing. Upon this, he even remembered his daughters who were married and he misses them a lot.

I contemplated “Did I Do Much?”

Then I immediately remembered one similar incident which one of my friends narrated a few months back.
A very young lady was sitting on the seat meant for senior citizens in the metro. An old man boarded the train and very timidly requested if she can give him that seat. She shrewdly asked for his ID card to check if he is actually a senior citizen. The old man felt harassed by her annoying attitude. However other co-passengers offered him a seat and lectured the lady a little. Surprisingly to this, she made a choice to close her eyes and ignore.

What exactly is wrong?

I had to think of what’s going on with the new generation. Or maybe not blaming the new generation but only a few people who in the name of being vigilant, at times tend to forget the simple values which every parent likes to inculcate in their children.

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I wonder what upbringing or what background that lady must have come from which has pushed her to become what she was. In my situation, a small act of kindness which is no big deal made my day happy, filled with so many blessings and at the same time, the day of that man must have been filled with all the good memories of his daughters which he immediately remembered after our encounter.

The question here is –

Is it the generation to be blamed?

Should the parents be blamed who are failing to make their kids better Human Beings first and then great professionals?

Are we missing upon one basic thing while nurturing our kids and not allowing them to have the morals and values system in their minds first and then approaching the academics?

It’s high time to give a serious thought on what our children are learning and why?

And in my opinion the answer to this is something that we need to contemplate on our own and find out.

Image Source – Pixabay

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