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New Google Pay Ad Features An Anxious Yet Empowered New Mom Going Back To Work

It's okay for mothers to be anxious after a maternity break, says the new google pay ad. Its the story of empowered yet an emotional mother. 

It’s okay for mothers to be anxious after a maternity break, says the new google pay ad. The story of an empowered yet emotional mother. 

There is no other feeling in the world that can be bigger than the feeling of becoming a mom. A mother is the most selfless, generous and loving person in this entire universe. Being a mother is definitely not an easy task, upon that being a working mother is a different challenge of its own.

Going back to work after maternity leave comes with lots of complications. But in the end, you’ve got to put those work clothes on, pack your bag, food, bottle, kiss your baby goodbye and head back to your office because you are a strong, independent and an empowered mum.

In a recent advertisement by Google Pay, all the feelings that a mother goes through on the rejoining day of her work after maternity leave is beautifully shown. The anxiety is clearly evident on her face when she looks at her reflection on the mirror. Being anxious when you join your job again after a career break is very common. Even though nothing much would have changed in your workplace, you as a person is different and has evolved as a mother.

Be cautious, but still trust the caregiver

Many times, working moms experience separation anxiety. In such a case, you need to build a strong trust on the caregiver, whom after lot of research and homework you would have selected as the most appropriate person to look after your baby in your absence.

It’s completely normal for you to not trust them completely from day one. Don’t beat yourself up if you worry. Understand that day after day, you will work toward it and develop a relationship that works for you. This is yet another thing that is nicely shown in the advertisement – the relationship between the mother and the helper is of pure trust and friendship. It’s amazing to see how the helper motivates and assures the mother to go back, tension free, to her work.

Guilt is the most painful

When we talk about all the fears that working mothers go through when they rejoin workplace, then anxiety is only the tip of the iceberg. Emotions like guilt, excitement and tiredness follow soon after joining work again. The guilt of leaving your child alone is the most painful, but you need to understand that it’s not your fault. You need not get depressed with this idea of guilt and you need to understand that it will all be fine because you are a mom and the mom always knows what’s best for her child.

Accept your feelings and embrace them

So, feel whatever emotions you go through while joining the work again after maternity leave, accept it and embrace it. Be excited because you are an empowered working woman and feel anxious about separating from your little one; after all, you are a human.

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In the end understand that whatever happens, whether at work or at home, you are trying, and you’ll be giving your best. If you ever forget your baby’s diapers or the change of clothes, that’s not a ‘blunder’. If you couldn’t work as much as you wanted to, you are still doing enough. While getting to office if you run late, that’s still acceptable and can be worked out with your superiors. And when you reunite at the end of the day, your love and snuggles will be enough for your child. Your connection with your little one will always, always be strong and more than enough.

If you are also a mom who just got back to her job after a maternity leave, then just like the beautifully empowered yet completely emotional mom in the Google Pay advertisement, look at your reflection in the mirror and remember that no matter how long your maternity leave was, focus on taking care of you and your baby. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate through this new journey as a working mother. Remember, you’re doing so much better than you think you are.

Check out the advertisement here.

Image Source – Ad video

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