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Virtual Medication: What’s This New Concept?

Virtual medication is a much needed concept in today's fast-paced world. Find out what it is.

Virtual medication is a much needed concept in today’s fast-paced world. Find out what it is.

In some of my previous writings, I have explicitly mentioned the way our life seems to be pacing, like a race track, where we are going round and round unaware of how many laps to cover. And while we are on it, every lap leaves us with some accomplishments, good and bad experiences.

Complimenting this speed, are a lot of lifestyle issues as well. Stress, hypertension, insecurity, other major chronic situations like Backache, Diabetes, Obesity, etc., are a few to mention.

Has it ever occurred to you that we overlook such lifestyle changes & allow such health issues to build up? Over a period of time, when our heart, mind & our complete body fail to fight these changes, we end up paying doctor visits, routine medical checkups & relying on these fourth generation medicines. Psychologically also, there is an ongoing scuffle with even the smaller routine issues at home & place of work. We end up in some kind of a vicious circle of never ending illness & its medication.

The concept of Virtual Medication!

But there could be a way out if we try & make some time for virtual medication. As the name suggests, it’s not an actual technique or medicine but acts like one so that you don’t end up with the actual one.

Unlike medical science, which has now answer to almost all the health issues, there is no formal technique/process/steps penned down anywhere which can be used for virtual medication.

But there are certainly a few lifestyle changes that can help.

A little bit of change!

The foremost change is the way we see & react to situation in our daily life. Our attitude towards life & the people in it play a very crucial role in the same.

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Having a healthy & positive outlook towards life & feeling contented even in the adverse situations with a positive attitude can help us deal with most of the untimely situations in our life.

Experience for yourself as I realized myself, if you get a chance, stand by a sea shore watching the waves coming & going. Try to relate this with your real life experiences. A higher tide rolls towards you like a real life unfavorable situation which seems so bigger, louder & scary from a distance. But the retreating wave from the shore enacts your own attitude thereby lowering the intensity of the incoming wave. So if we keep your KARMA clean & try to live life with a positive & healthy attitude, even the bigger & stressful situations will appear lighter & we will be able to handle them with utter grace.

I know it’s hard & will definitely take some time, but if we just try to be conscious, we can master this as an art. I am on to this challenge myself.

Stay Connected to loved ones!

The other change is to spend quality time with our loved ones. When I say, quality time, I mean cutoff from mobile & other forms of technology. Follow the rule of BE HERE NOW which implies, stop thinking about any other issues, while you focus & enjoy the present time. A Tech Detox has a major role to play here. Technology can be just restricted to the usage of a playing station involving your partner or kids, game, music etc.

Kids teach us a lot, because of the fact that they don’t know much, they haven’t experienced as much as we have & hence, they are able to focus on just what they have in hand.

The Amygdala part of our brain plays the trick here. It’s responsible for our memory, decision making & emotional responses. As we grow up, we keep collecting our memories & experiences in this neuro database & act accordingly. Kids on the other hand, have limited experiences than us & hence are free from all this hustle bustle of a grown up’s routine.

When you spend time with a toddler or even small kids, you will experience they are so contented in their own self.

Same is the case with our grandparents. They have had so many experiences in their life, if you sit down with them for even an hour; they try to share their lifetime with you & will definitely teach you what even an Art of living session will fail to do in months.

Similarly when you spend time with your parents, share with them your future plans, how and what you plan to invest may be your travel plans, upcoming seminars, etc. Listen to their impartial advice, for they have got the eye on you and for your best. Learn from their experiences and appreciate them back. They have been through a more or less similar journey you are on now.

Like I have said earlier, you may have a few friends but the ones that you have, respect them, make time for them, make memories with them & cherish the warmth & belonging. Make travel plans with them & explore new places.

A true friend will never judge you. They will rather always be true to your face. They are like these large dump bags, always ready to listen to your garbled thoughts, so speak your heart out to them without the fear of being judged, feeling lighter once done.

See Yourself through a mirror!

Gift yourself some lone time or as we know it as the ME Time. Watch movies back to back, setup your messy wardrobe while listening to your favorite music, do some research online, sing out loud, dance to your favorite tune as if no one is watching, try hand at cooking some dish for the first time, go for a walk alone in the park.

Caution! Caution! Don’t keep yourself so aloof that you cut yourself out from all other important aspects & people connected to your life.

In the end, keep yourself engaged in some Hobby, or an activity like Jogging, outdoor sport, Yoga or if required some limited Meditation. Wondering why I said limited, watch the space for another blog to get the answer.

Spending time like these will not only keep you engaged but also keep you active & away from the tech world. Imperceptibly, you will realize that it has become a part of your routine to NOT approach your phone or tablet for a pass time. You will start finding other ways to keep yourself engaged or make plans to meet your dear ones. Apparently your stress hormones will be at bay, not putting you on a roller coaster ride any more, leaving yourself feel lighter and healthier at the end of the day.

I would like to give a penny for your thoughts on this concept of virtual medication. Feel free to share your own experiences related to spending quality time and your learning. Until next time, enjoy life to the fullest!

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