This Is Why You Should Take The Time Out To Heal Yourself

In life, anger, disappointments, heartbreaks are normal, but it is important to take the time out to heal ourselves. That's the only way to grow stronger.

In life, anger, disappointments, heartbreaks are normal, but it is important to take the time out to heal ourselves. That’s the only way to grow stronger.

Looking at the ongoing trend of “Fall-in-love-with-yourself” and “I-love-myself” being the latest fad on internet, I often pause and ponder “How could I forget to love myself and where exactly did all this begin?” I was not born like this nor were you. Then from where did all this self hatred and self neglect come from?

Yes, this is an important issue. We, the people today, even though having full time access to internet and millions of books and posts on “Self- loving” at our finger tips, fail to do justice to the person we see in the mirror. With body shaming at its peak, ever increasing complexity of relationships and career choices being made more out of pressure than passion; reasons to hate yourself can be innumerable. Probably candid (and unsavoury) but true.

If we dig deeper in this issue, the problem is not “I-do-not-love-myself”, the problem is “I-do-not-heal-myself”. And never in this lifetime I have seen a broken glass holding water, how could you love (even yourself) with a broken heart? Do we truly know who we are? And where exactly our power lies? Life would be so much simpler if we know plus points and accept our short comings. Appreciation would flow in easily.

“To heal the wound you need to get to the roots and kiss it all the way up.”

~Rupi Kaur

So true! Figure out what’s hurting your soul. It’s the anger in your heart which bitters your soul; figure out what exactly you are holding within. That relative who passed a skewed remark, that close friend who chose someone else over you, or that good-for-nothing guy whom you unfortunately ended up dating? Forgive them and yourself because that’s how you’ll release the pain. Let go of the anger and that’s how you’ll heal.

Cut off from the people who are toxic. The people who make you feel small and do not contribute to your well being. Don’t choose them just because they are close to you or you feel lonely without them. Let them go, it’s for your own good. That place will be filled and eventually that emptiness would go away. Just be brave enough to say “Goodbye” and move on.

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Just broke out of an abusive relationship or gave up on a career going nowhere? Take a break. Think. Reflect. Repair what’s broken inside. You will keep repeating the same unhealthy things if you don’t heal the parts of you which needed them. A bit complex to understand, but that’s the way world works. “You attract what you are”, says the Law of Attraction, a scientifically proven theory. Everything in this universe is energy and we attract the energy similar to what we me emit. We emit hatred, we attract hatred. We emit love, we attract love. This is no magic, this is physics! Take time to heal.

Have firm belief in your abilities and faith in the choices you have made. The good- the bad, the success- the failure, the right- the wrong, embrace it all! Be unapologetically yourself (though make sure you don’t end up becoming a narcissist). Don’t criticize yourself just because you took longer than others to accomplish something. Have patience, trust the timing of your life, everything will work out. Appreciate yourself for how far you have come and look forward to where you are going.

Lastly, stop comparing! Be thankful for what you have got. Of course circumstances are not perfect, and there are problems, that extra weight or that shitty job or whatever it maybe! But there is always going to be something missing; ideal circumstance and absolutely perfect life is just a myth! It’s all your perception. Take charge today. Live. Laugh. Love. And most importantly- Heal Yourself.

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