Prerna Jain

An engineer by brains and a writer at heart- in this beautiful chaos of donning two hats, it's the ink and paper which keeps her going. Her love for expression is undying, unapologetic and insane. A voracious reader, story teller and moon gazer ; she is just a head full of dreams!

Voice of Prerna Jain

heal yourself
This Is Why You Should Take The Time Out To Heal Yourself

In life, anger, disappointments, heartbreaks are normal, but it is important to take the time out to heal ourselves. That's the only way to grow stronger.

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The Day I Hurt My Brother

A very short story about a brother sister relationship that many might resonate with.

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25 something
Letter From A 25 Something Woman: “Dear Parents, You Lose Your Kids When You Fail To Understand Them”

A 25 something woman writes a letter to her parents, explaining that she loves them, but that they need to trust her to do the right thing.

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