On Turning 30, Here’s What I Could Tell My 20 Year Old Self About Life

What would you tell your 20 year old self, looking back from the vantage point of turning 30? A wise and thoughtful set of suggestions.

What would you tell your 20 year old self, looking back from the vantage point of turning 30? A wise and thoughtful set of suggestions.

Dear my-20-year-old-self,

As you step into adulthood, your glorious 20s lie ahead of you. A decade full of adventures and new experiences lie ahead of you. As you embark on this wonderful slice of life’s expedition, here are few of my learnings so that you make most of your journey:

On parents

Trust me they are the only true source of unconditional love. While they protect, they also want us to learn and chart our own course. Parents fight a never ending internal conflict between protectionism and freedom, keeping this in mind we can understand their perspective better and handle them accordingly.

On family

The one unit to fall back upon. In triumphs and in tribulations the one place to go back to is home, and family makes a home. No matter the geographical distance and busyness of life, the door is always open and a phone call is all it takes to connect and seek comfort.

On friends

Very few acquaintances move on to be called friends in the true sense. Place good faith but always watch your back. The world isn’t as we are; perceive, judge and act differently with different folks to steer through situations in everyday life. Never be perceived as a push-over; even if our outer persona is such make sure inside we make decisions that are a balance of emotions and practicality.

On love

Comes and goes, not to lose hope in a heartbreak- move on and time (really) heals it all. Trust me love is situational and hormonal. But yes when it is meant to be, the path will not be very tasking and without many sacrifices you will find joy in the companionship. What is meant to be will be; one doesn’t have to put love over and above family.

On career

Keep adding to your skills basket, the more the new skill complements or enhances your portfolio the better. Stay abreast in the chosen field and remember no learning goes waste so if your heart isn’t there in it, find where it is and chart your course (however late it may seem in life).

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On success

Define it for yourself, because it differs for each person and then chase it. Remember it is a marathon to reach success so a single failure is not decisive of our worthiness. Also being a better version of oneself is the best measure of success ‘cos one can never measure oneself against someone else.

On money

Earn to live (life’s comforts) and not live to earn. Always remember to live within your means; rather than worrying about saving, worry about investing and upgrading one’s skills to be valued better in monetary terms. Responsible earning, responsible spending & responsible investing is the mantra to money management.

On appearances

Beauty really is skin deep. In my early twenties I was insecure about my teeth and spectacles, spent grueling hours wearing contacts and ruined my eyes. Today I look back and feel I could have been more confident with what I was and not tried chasing an ideal look. So trust me health matters not physique. A smile, a pleasing personality and confidence are best assets than any toned/sculpted body. Having said that, do build a fitness routine as it adds years to life and reduces years from appearing externally.

On persona

Trust me, in the corporate world or even personal world, interpersonal skills outweigh talent in defining ones success. I have numerous examples from my own batch mates, colleagues etc. Interpersonal skills can take one places as every assignment involves human management and that decides a leader’s success.

On life

Always expect the unexpected. So ride the wave and duck when needed. Plans don’t always work, but to make most of the situation and steer accordingly is how to make the most of life. Life really is a marathon and there are numerous sprints in the path, so always have a broad and macro view of yourself and stay encouraged.

Some of these might sound clichéd but to tell you I am writing from what I have experienced and learnt the hard way. Wishing you all the luck for the year ahead, love and warmth from all of us here.

With love and warm regards

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