The Single 30 Something Woman Today Is Thirsty For Much More Than She Has Traditionally Got!

Today's thirty-something women are more focused on their careers, know what they want in life, and do not take any nonsense lying down.

Today’s thirty-something women are more focused on their careers, know what they want in life, and do not take any nonsense lying down.

With more and more single women being able to support a comfortable and independent lifestyle for themselves, the change in the landscape has conceived a question in today’s modern India. Are these single women just turning into successful thirty-something women, or “will-not-settle-for-anything-but-the-best” thirsty women?

In a male chauvinist society like India, it takes a lot of perseverance and focus for a woman to make her place in the society; even more so, if she does not have a ‘male figure’ associated in her life. A society, that looks to subsume the identity of a woman with her father or husband at any point of life, gives a tough challenge to a woman who wants to be known for none but her own being.

Though the western culture is seeping into the metros of the country more profusely than ever, a single thirty-something woman is still looked upon with pitiful eyes. Despite a minor section of the society coming to terms with the fact that these women buy their own jewelry and drive their own cars, it still holds on to the ‘importance’ of having a male figure in her life.

The single thirty-something women of today are more determined, and more fearless than ever, to face the repercussions of their choices. And why shouldn’t they be? They have it all what it takes for a person to make his/her place in the society. These women have good jobs, good apartments, experience of happy and painful relationships, and most importantly, the will to survive. They don’t want to get laid down by bounds of something they don’t relate to. They question, and find their own answers, to their apprehensions towards their life partner, career or religion. They positively know what they do not want, while constantly trying to figure out what they do.

The young, independent and self-sustained women of today’s modern India are trying hard to break free from the tangles of society’s expectations and bottled vision. They not only want to bring about a change in the current mindset, but are also trying to make an easier acceptance for the lady generations to come.

What we have today, comes from a struggle that we don’t know of, of our mothers and foremothers. And what we do today, decides the future of women in India of tomorrow. As much as we can do or desire to do, the single thirty-something women of today are definitely paving the path, hopefully a greener one, for the single forty-something women of tomorrow!

Image source: pixabay

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