My Journey From Artist To Artist Entrepreneur – Not Easy, But Joyous!

Becoming an artist-entrepreneur has been a joyous journey with all its highs and lows, for Shruti Vij. Here is her story.

Becoming an artist entrepreneur has been a joyous journey with all its highs and lows, for Shruti Vij. Here is her story.

My journey into entrepreneurship was led by art. I am an artist and I trained at NIFT Delhi. After my post graduation I did not take up a full-time job with an organisation, because I felt that would stifle my creativity. As a free-spirited artist I wanted to explore my own potential which is why I started selling my artworks.

I set up Shruti Arts to spread the word about the kind of work I do and I am glad to say that I have been very lucky to have such a great response to my platform which curates my artworks and I use it to sell it all over the world.

The internet has no limitations and I think it is a great tool to reach out to a global audience. Originally it was not a conscious decision to focus on digital, but I started curating my works on the website to build a platform for them and to showcase them to a larger global audience. The rest just followed. I started getting inquiries through the website for selling my designs and I thought of growing it further. My inspiration was always my art and a desire to showcase it to a larger audience.

Of course, the journey is not always a smooth one. There are everyday issues that you have to take in your stride, some big and some small but at the end of the day, it’s a joyous journey. Your focus should be on your expertise and what you are offering and the money will follow. I am focused on my art and always strive to better it. When I get appreciation for that it means a lot to me and when people want to have it for keeps, make a part of their lives, it is highly gratifying.

Since the journey is long, it is important to have courage and belief in your work. Don’t get dejected by criticism. Some times, the response may come very slowly, but if you have faith in what you are doing, you will get there.

In my case, since I started small, I did not have any problems pertaining to funds. All I needed was some space for my art studio and some art equipment. I started off with a small room in my house, and made it my studio where I would do my painting. The art materials came out of the savings I had made over a few years. My family has been very supportive of my work and have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

For me, the biggest moments of success have been when I received appreciation from art aficionados and critics alike in India as well as abroad. A few of my works have also been exhibited in various International events like the Delhi International Film Festival and Indo-Korean Art Festival.

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It’s not always smooth sailing, so you have to take the ups and downs of your journey as they come. Keep the faith strong and keep surging ahead.


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Gurugram based artist Shruti Vij , A post graduate from National Institute Of Fashion Technology ( NIFT) , New Delhi, is a born art enthusiast and a painter with a distinct individual style.Painting for her is a read more...

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