A Letter To My Girl Besties – You Are The Best!

Our girl besties from childhood or from teenage are those who understand us best, even if we move away due to circumstances as we grow up.

Our girl besties from childhood or from teenage are those who understand us best, even if we move away due to circumstances as we grow up.

Dear Besties,

We don’t talk every day. It takes me days and sometimes weeks to finally make a phone call to you. Busy with myriads of daily chores, I often disconnect your call and tell you that we will speak at length later. And, when finally, I make the call, you are caught up with things that demand immediate attention from you. So, we talk less often than we would like to talk. Somewhere between whiling away the time at the cyber cafes, metro stations, malls, and morning show for movies, we grew up.

It feels it was yesterday when we had a terrible fight about who is using up more space in the tiny wardrobe of the hostel room. It feels it was yesterday that we discussed the guy you should not even consider dating. It feels strange that you, at 16, were the only one who actually advised me to follow my heart and choose humanities when rest of the world was pushing me to pursue medicals. The confidence you had me in back then has been my strength till date.

Dear, you have been my anchor when I came to a new city. You literally adopted an introvert like me and pushed me to the forefront and taught me to take up battles head on. It feels it was yesterday when we sat at a metro-rail station discussing how our future was going nowhere. Remember how we looked at our future back then. It turned out so different from how we thought it would be!

Thank you for putting up with me when I whined endlessly. Thank you for teaching me to rise beyond anger. Thank you for taking up my fights and then cursing me for my cowardice. Thank you for helping me understand which bridges to burn and which bridges to cross. I hate to admit that, at 19, I pretended to be a know-it-all, but I would have been lost with you.

It’s strange that even after this level of interdependence, we never shoved our choices on each other. We spoke, we discussed, and even in situations of disagreements, we chose to stand by each other. Thank you for hearing all my impatient outbursts with attention and saying, ‘Think it through and then decide’ instead of ‘Do what I say’.

When I look back, I am surprised at the silly mistakes we have made, the difficult situations that we have handled, and how on days when we thought we were doomed – all we did was look out for each other. Thank you for being my comfort zone.

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While our conversations may have become less frequent and our meeting places may have become upscale, in our hearts, we are still silly teenagers who are learning the art of survival. Miles away from each other, we might not know every single incident of each other’s lives but we understand every single emotion that the other one is going through. You are there on days I need you. I try to be there for you on the days you need me.

I know, today, that life would be full of ups and downs. People around us would never stop being judgmental. We will, after multiple rounds of discussions, go for terrible haircuts. We will learn, we will grow, and we will work hard to bring our lives closer to the dreams we once discussed after a boring pyjama party.

I also know that at any point time, I reach out for you, you will be there. Thank you for being the only non-judgmental constant in my life. You are precious!


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