An Open Letter To The Holier-than-thou Persons In The Previous Generation

Posted: July 19, 2016

It’s my life. I do not need to be told by anyone how to live my life, as long as I do not impinge upon another human being’s right of living theirs.

Dear holier-than-thou of the know-it-all, done-it-all generation,

When I share my bed with my two dogs – I might be defying your sense of hygiene but let me remind you it’s my life, my dogs & my bed. Thank you & now let’s get to the more crucial points in this one-sided conversation.

Yes, I am a late riser, I barely cook & I speak less. That’s who I am and I am not even 1% sorry that I am not like you or that you don’t like me. You don’t seem to inspire me anyway!

Yes, I survive on boiled eggs, simple meals, unpeeled fruits & sometimes just leftovers of last night because – let me put it as clearly as I can – I am a non-fussy eater who doesn’t enjoy cooking. In fact, discussing & debating over the menu for breakfast, lunch & dinner seems like a serious waste of time to me. I would rather munch on dry fruits & read a little more than wasting my time over deciding what to eat three times a day.

Yes, I make mistakes. I am in my 20s & I am learning about life. I would love to make my own mistakes and learn from them. Please tell me that you have done everything right in your life so far & I will have a hearty laugh about your glorified lie.

I might not have spent as much as time on this planet as you have but I have traveled from North to South & East to West and, sorry to break your myth, but I have experienced & fought my way through so many things that are beyond your imagination. I don’t claim to know-it-all the way you do but please let me tell you that I am not a five-year-old who needs to guided about what to wear & what to eat.

I have friends from all parts of the country (in fact world) and may be that’s why your subtle & obvious ways of glorifying a culture, community & language look very, very superficial to me. You may put it gently or shove it in my face – I will not buy your we-are-the-best theory & confine myself to your pseudo belief.

I would love to make my own mistakes and learn from them. Please tell me that you have done everything right in your life so far & I will have a hearty laugh about your glorified lie.

While you are free to sit & appreciate someone who settled down in life beautifully – with house, kids & no job –  I would roam around in the Himalayas & Thar in my shorts and with messy hair because life is too short to settle down for boredom. I would exhaust myself doing what I love to do to earn my living because that gives me a sense of satisfaction.

I would debate & put across my point of view because, hell yes, I am a girl who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. If my sense of freedom makes you feel uncomfortable – please shut your doors & introspect! That’s the only respite I can offer for now. I will continue to do what I do. You are definitely free to mend your ways.

While you watch your daily soaps, I will participate in gay parades & sign petitions about every single feminist cause because, you know, my generation needs a break from the stereotyping introduced by your generation & reinforced by your daily soaps!

And yes, before I sign off, I just wanted to remind you that eventually, you know, we are all going to die -so let’s live our own lives & be nice to each other.


A 21st Century Girl

Communication Strategist, Sporadic Blogger, Instructional Designer, INTJ, Dog lover, Tea Addict, Army Wife

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  1. It’s nice to be sure of who and where you are. That’s the fantastic thing about being in your 20s. Enjoy it and live it to the fullest. When you are older- I hope you continue to be that way. Some of us (mostly as we get older) aren’t so sure of who and where we are at and so we tend to see our world and unfortunately yours too from where we stand. Perhaps we also want to caution you to protect you-as a mother who wants to protect a toddler from a painful fall!! But we oldies sometimes tend to forget that much learning happens only through the painful and inevitable falls! Its how we learnt too!! Please forgive the oldies who have forgotten! In the mean time like you rightly said – lets try to remember to “live our own lives and be nice to each other!”

  2. Natasha Saxena -

    A very well written piece I must say.. You clearly pointed all the witless things we are asked to do. We are living in a country where not only the oldies, but every other person is all time ready to poke his nose in our business. Its an unanswerable question that why can’t people mind their own business.

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