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To All Army Wives (Including Me): “Wear His Ring, Not His Rank!”

You may be an 'army wife', but that doesn't mean you have the job - it's important to remember that you are your own person, not just the wife of the man in olive green.

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superwoman syndrome
How The ‘Superwoman Syndrome’ Is Making Millennial Working Women Suffer

Working woman, wife and mother, keeper of the home and cook in the kitchen, and the fresh-faced wife meeting the 'tired' husband when he comes home, the superwoman syndrome is hitting women hard!

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A Letter To My Girl Besties – You Are The Best!

Our girl besties from childhood or from teenage are those who understand us best, even if we move away due to circumstances as we grow up.

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Are You A Woman Working From Home? Can You Identify With These Challenges I Face Everyday?

An account of the challenges that a woman working from home faces, from an unpredictable internet connection to your dog wanting to pee immediately.

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An Open Letter To The Holier-than-thou Persons In The Previous Generation

It's my life. I do not need to be told by anyone how to live my life, as long as I do not impinge upon another human being's right of living theirs.

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Find Out How Sulakshmi Dasgupta, Known As DogMa, Is A Mother With A Difference

Sulakshmi Dasgupta is a passionate dog lover who is known as DogMa in Delhi where she cares for and feeds around 500 dogs every day.

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Looking For A Peaceful Travel Destination? Then Say “Tashi Delek”, Ravangla!

Ravangla in Sikkim is a beautiful place with breathtaking landscape views, an ideal travel destination if you are looking for a peaceful place to go to.

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Planning Your Vacation? A Step-By-Step Guide To Making The Most Of Travel

Want to take a trip these holidays? Make planning your vacation easy with this step-by-step planning guide which has many useful tips.

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11 Times I Wish I Had Snubbed People Instead Being Polite And Holding Back

Sometimes you feel like saying something disdainful when someone annoys you, but you don't, because it would not be the polite thing to say. Right? Right!

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Don’t Ever Buy The ‘How Good Girls Should Behave’ Rule Book For Your Life

Woman, do not aspire to be the 'typical good girl' as society defines you should be. You deserve better in your life. Stand up for it.

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