Curse These Double Standards Of Society! When Will Things Change?

Posted: August 17, 2017

Our society is one that changes colours like a chameleon as and when it is convenient for it. Isn’t it high time that the double standards were called out?

‘Double Standards’ – everybody has them but nobody will accept that. From kids to adults, we all have them. This is the cheapest and the dirtiest thing in our society. There are different terms and conditions for men and woman.

If a husband is earning and wife is a house wife it’s well accepted in the society, but if the reverse happens, the society calls him ‘useless’ and what not?

Mothers-in-law make sure that the bed sheet of the couple’s first night is white. If it has blood stains in the morning on it then the girl was ‘pure’ and if not, she is thrown out of the house the very next day! Little do they know that the hymen can break due to physical activities other than sex? Are they sure that their son is a virgin? We shouldn’t dare to ask because he is a MAN. It doesn’t matter, don’t you dare!

Actually the problem is not just with you or me, double standards are in our blood. My family is the best example of it. My aunt always complains about the dowry she had to give to her in-laws’ family while getting married, but when her son was getting married she was right there sitting and deciding how much to DEMAND. She called it a “gift”, surprisingly!

She has promised her daughter to never give dowry when she gets married but was caught doing the same thing when her son was getting married. Surely my aunt understands every word when I talk to her about it, but she refuses to understand and even shuts me up, of course, because her ego hurts.

Though slowly and steadily things are changing, people still believe in and talk about hypocritical things, and then call themselves educated. I really don’t understand the use of education if you have these double standards. Just burn your damn certificate – it’s useless!

Image source: pixabay

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