“Why Can’t I Fall Asleep?” Conquer Sleep Deprivation With These Simple Tips

Sleep Deprivation seems to be part and parcel of adulthood. To ‘sleep like a child’ becomes a farfetched dream amidst the trials and tribulations of adult responsibilities!

Inadequate sleep or occasional sleepless nights are some of the quirks which accompany adulthood. To ‘sleep like a child’ becomes a farfetched dream amidst the trials and tribulations of adult responsibilities!

The privileged lot who still enjoy an uninterrupted beauty sleep no matter what, might be wondering what I am talking about – hence for those lucky few – this post is irrelevant.

For the rest, here are a few tips to conquer the elephant in the room – “why can’t I fall asleep!”

Sleep deprivation when caused due to medical conditions like acute depression, sleep apnea, or certain illnesses needs to be handled by medical professionals.

Sleep deprivation due to unavoidable lifestyle conditions like shift work, frequent travel, jet lag etc. also needs careful handling by observing certain strict routines.

However sleep deprivation issues in healthy adults with a relatively normal lifestyle could be handled well with a few tricks without ending up declared an insomniac!

Food and exercise

One sure shot enhancer of sleep quality is good physical exercise.

Demanding jobs and hectic routines these days leave little time for much else. A consistent exercise routine is usually shoved to the back burner. However, a lot of studies have been conducted around how exercise helps reduce insomnia.

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A large meal very close to bedtime also prevents one from falling asleep. Ideally, dinner should be at least 3 hours before bedtime. A small healthy snack before bedtime can remove the discomfort of falling asleep on an empty stomach.

Sleep routine

A good sleep routine does wonders to dealing with insomnia. Leave phones, laptops and anxieties out of the bedroom. Even the biggest of problems can be dealt with better with a good night’s sleep.

It is difficult to keep the issues which have been bothering you all day, out during sleep time; but for the sake of good health and a clear mind the next morning; it needs to be done. If reading helps one relax, pick up a good book for 30 minutes before hitting the bed.

A dark room and comfortable temperature are usually conducive to sleep. Once you hit the pillow, rather than waiting for sleep to strike and then if it doesn’t; worry as to why not!; try the breathe or meditate routine.

Deep breaths; breath in and breathe out; and follow your breaths. Do it till you fall asleep. Following your breath helps ensure you are not thinking about anything else and the deep breaths help you relax.

Meditating while trying to fall asleep – which means picturing a peaceful image – like a mountain, a tree or even an Om – and concentrating on just that – also helps calm the mind and keep thoughts out.

In any case, don’t let lack of sleep stress you out.

Never be tempted to look at the watch if unable to fall asleep! Sleep is a natural body phenomena and it is not going to elude you.

A healthy lifestyle and a good sleep routine will ensure that one is well rested and doesn’t see the alarm clock as the devil on site!

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