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The Ideal Indian Bahu: A Guide For Dummies

Posted: July 31, 2017

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Are you worried about never finding the ideal Indian bahu? Not anymore! Read on, you troubled soul, the solution to your problem lies ahead.

* drum roll *

After lengths of discussion, rigorous days of research and travel, and sheer hard work, we at Women’s Web finally have the exact ingredients that make the ideal Indian bahu.

Now it isn’t that complicated, just a few simple rules to follow and Voila!

The girl should just be sundar, sushil and sanskaari. That is, basically, all.

Now, the three words may sound easier than you thought but do note that every sense of each word should be followed in every walk of life by the prospective bride. And we mean every sense quite literally. Be it social, colloquial, historic, geographical, mathematical, literary, scientific, mythological and of course, cultural.

Don’t for a second think that if these qualities have to be on the inside only. No, not all! She should be sundar but don’t her fool you by talking about inner beauty and all that philosophical things that the western civilisation seems to corrupt aaj kal ki ladkiyan with.

Talking about western, it is absolutely essential that she wears only Indian clothes. If you see her wearing jeans, I suggest you run as fast as you can and never look back. She is the opposite of what you are looking for and could corrupt your sanskaar in the blink of an eye.

She shouldn’t talk back, talk while adults are talking, treat you like a God, be ready to devote the rest of her life to be you and your son’s slave, should know how to cook excellently, sacrifice a lamb at your altar.. you know, the usual.

If that sounds like too much work, then just watch this video “Arranged Marriages in India – How To Find The Perfect Bride”, which we are proud to present to you.

We have a list of such ideal candidates at the end with full details. You should be easily able to buy find one near you. All the very best!

Image source: pixabay

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