10 Most Annoying Stereotypes Indian Women Have To Deal With In Everyday Life

From marry well to women are bad drivers, Indian women face a plethora of stereotypes in their lifetime. These 10 can't be missed!

From marry well to women are bad drivers, Indian women face a plethora of stereotypes in their lifetime. These 10 can’t be missed!

“Marry well. Your life is settled.”
“Women are bad drivers.”
“Your husband is earning well, you don’t need to work.”

These and more – Indian women have to face a plethora of stereotypical tropes throughout their lifetime. It’s amusing to see that even though it is 2017 and although women have proved their mettle in every field — science, technology, sports, administration etc — they are still dealing with such meaningless stereotypes.

Gender stereotyping in India starts from the moment everyone gets to know the gender of the baby. They are put into the stereotypical boxes with defined gender roles. If it is a girl, the nursery is adorned with everything that is pink — from the stickers to the cot to the upholstery, and if it is a boy then from his T-shirt to his underwear, everything should and must be — BLUE!

Our weekly #WomenOnTheMove chat got the Twitterati talking on the most annoying stereotypes they face or have faced in their lives. Here’s what they said.

What a catch! Life is sorted!!

Life is sorted when you get a good match. Yah right, as if that’s the whole purpose of our existence!


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To make a marriage successful, women have to BEAR IT ALL!

This even if the man is at fault. After all ‘pati is parmeshwar‘, no?!


Woman – you are not ‘settled’ till you are married and have popped out a child!

She might be heading a company or have set foot on the moon, but her life is rendered worthless and her achievements meaningless till she is married and have had a kid.


Marriage means complete transformation, including name!

Our name is who we are, it defines our existence and is our identity. And then suddenly marriage rips a woman of her identity! Her life is changed, her identity is taken away and she is expected to undergo complete transformation.


A ‘sanskaari‘ woman MUST know how to cook!

Cooking is a survival skill, unfortunately in India this doesn’t hold true. Here cooking is a woman’s prime responsibility.


Sanskaari‘ women don’t go to malls and definitely don’t party!

Psst…even Rabri Devi desires such ‘sanskaari‘ bahus for her Oh-So-Eligible sons!


Women are not only bad drivers they are super bad in directions too!


Madira‘ is only for ‘sanskaari‘ men, ‘sanskaari‘ women don’t drink!

Alcohol is harmful for both men and women. Period.


Men can get mad even for no reason — they work so hard! Women — really!!


Women want to look good only to attract men!

Looking good makes us feel confident. In fact there can be nothing more satisfying than looking into the mirror and feel confident and good about the person looking back at you.


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