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Beauty Is Not Only Aishwarya Rai. Most Of The Times It’s Mother Teresa

Posted: June 29, 2017

What does it take to be beautiful? Fair skin? Perfect features and figure? Or that elusive thing – inner beauty? Read this wonderful article to know.

She was bullied all through her school days.

She wasn’t beautiful.

She was tagged as an average student and sometimes even below average.

She didn’t have a best friend like many of her peers had.

She was seeking asylum in various peer groups to accept her as a friend. But she understood no one were interested to have her company.

She wasn’t a pet to her teachers, she was always a headache to them.

She wasn’t intelligent. She flunked at many exams.

She thought, “though there are many average students out here, they are not secluded because they aren’t ugly.”

She didn’t have any boyfriend like her peers had. She was rejected by many boys due to her obese physique.

She didn’t love herself because she was neither beautiful nor intelligent.

All she would do is she could worry about herself.

She spent a lot of time in the school with loneliness and tears.

Years rolled on and the day arrived where all of her class mates were stunningly dressed up in style for the farewell party and there was so much fun and frolic, lots of selfies and group-fies.  It was the last day of their schooling.

But when she entered the hall to join in, astonishingly all of them were appalled looking at her. Everyone’s eyes were stuck to her. The entire class stood dumbstruck.

One boy from the class stepped forward towards her with his jaw dropped. Before he could ask anything, she said,

I shaved my head to donate hair for the cancer patients…”  She further added, “I know, that will not cure their cancer but… they will not feel distressed that they lost their beauty.”

Her unseen beauty was now prominently visible to everyone.

She looked more beautiful to all the eyes that looked at her.

Yes, beauty never needs make up.

Beauty never needs fair skin tone, trimmed eyebrows, a sleek figure or six packs.

Beauty glows from your heart.

It dwells in your soul in the form of empathy and love.

Beauty springs in your deeds.

Beauty is not only Aishwarya Rai, it’s most of the times Mother Teresa.

Feel beautiful!

Be beautiful!

Image source: flickr, for representational purposes only.

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