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I Am A Transgender Woman, But I Am Human Too!

Posted: July 10, 2017

Society cringes from transgender women, even being superstitious about them. Aren’t they just as human as you or I?

You didn’t  talk to me. You didn’t even sit next to me. But that’s fine. I won’t stop being myself.

You humiliated me. You laughed at me. It’s ok. I won’t stave in.

You pushed me to loneliness. You treated me like dirt. But that’s fine. I won’t regret it.

You threw stones at me. You chased me with slippers in your hands. It’s Ok. I won’t choose to buckle under.

You left me to beg. You forced me to take up prostitution. But that’s fine. I won’t cringe behind.

You denied my rights. You deferred my dreams. It’s OK. I won’t lose faith.

You addressed me as ‘him’. You considered me as male. It’s Ok. I won’t mask my identity.

But dear, I have got something to tell you. Please remember, tears are salty even for me.

I am, but a transgender woman.

I walk in with fear of uncertainty to enter that ladies compartment in the train or to that women’s public toilet for people may look at me as an alien monster.

I walk in with a fear of rejection to enter those college premises, for people may deny my application.

I walk in with a fear of failure to enter that corporate office, for people may send me back without a job.

Yet, I choose to walk straight with head held high. You know why? Because I have already climbed mountains, carrying all your labels that you had stamped on my back.

It’s ok to tag me as male, it’s ok to tag me as trans, but please answer me, is it ok if you forget to wear your badge as ‘ human?

Image source: By P.ABHIJITH (Grace Banu) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons, for representational purposes only.

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