N.E.W.S. Is Now Just Sensational News, Where Sonu Nigam’s Angst > Unemployment Crisis

Why are we all happy clamouring over sensational news (like Sonu Nigam quitting Twitter), while issues such as our country's looming unemployment crisis remain under the radar?

Why are we all happy clamouring over sensational news (like Sonu Nigam quitting Twitter), while issues such as our country’s looming unemployment crisis remain under the radar?

Another country’s migraine, unleashes himself on the airways after a brief respite for some, compelling the rest of the pack to follow suit just to gain traction, to grab eyeballs. His mode of ‘nationalistic reporting’ which is akin to rabble-rousing, is diligently followed by many viewers across and that’s why he is as dangerous as a fully loaded xenophobic.

A false bit of news intended to create chaos by the neighboring powers to be, gets amplified within hours, gets the nation fuming and becomes a headache to many. Accusations, counter accusations get bandied about very easily, reputations are sullied in a no-holds-barred exercise where holding on to tripe becomes almost an art form.

In all this bluster, real news that affects us all, becomes mere fine print.

Various surveys claim that the economy is booming but if we notice, jobs are dwindling due to automation. We need Jobs. The usual career paths have been done to death. We have a sizable restless young pool graduating every year but are they trained or equipped enough to reorient themselves to the changing economic situations? Is our education system oriented towards making our kids self-sufficient? What can we expect from an examination system that focuses on scoring rather than applying the fundamentals?

The world is slowly getting increasingly isolationist and thereby insular. More and more doors are getting closed citing domestic compulsions.  But, an increasing number of parents still look at foreign universities while our domestic universities do not up their ante to the changing dynamics all-around.

Our ground water is dwindling rapidly. We are drawing more water than others but hey, let us forget about all these boring topics, shall we?

Let us talk about Nigam’s angst, his 24 tweets and Major Gogoi’s presence of mind or lack of it.

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Let us not worry about settling the next-gen or about equal opportunities.

Let us not fret about thinking out of the box being the need of the hour.

And let us wait for the Goswamied style of patriotic (!!) reporting to become the norm for the rest of them.

Let us whip up frenzy over the redundant.

Let the Din take-over sanity…

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